This is Google’s plan to shut down Windows

This is Google's plan to shut down Windows

Google wants to give its Chrome browser complete control over granting itself rights to be the default browser.

Could this be the solution?

You may have noticed, like us, that no matter how many times you select something other than Microsoft Edge as your default browser, links from certain programs still open in Edge.

Google now wants to do something about it by letting Chrome, and only Chrome via Windows Settings, take care of associating all kinds of files and URLs with Google’s browser.

If you want to do that now, you’ll have to manually go through each method of requesting URLs, as mentioned for certain programs still picking up Edge even if Firefox, Chrome, or another browser is set as the default in their Windows settings.

Time and time again, Microsoft has shut down third-party programs that do this work for you.

The next Chrome version will do the work for you

Google has already announced that a code change is on its way, and they summarize the feature as follows:

“Make Chrome the default browser. This feature works by traversing the protocols of URL and file associations associated with general browsing, such as http, https, .html, etc., while specifying the relevant registry entries for each directly.”

It is uncertain which version will be released with the feature, but expect it to appear in an early beta before long

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