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– Politisk skal vi følge opp med flere føringer der det er naturlig og nødvendig. Vi er ikke fornøyde før alle barn i Asker får den hjelpen de trenger, skriver fra venstre Kent Ryen (H), Cecilie Lindgren (H) og Oddvar Igland (Sp), som alle er medlemmer av Asker kommunestyre.

We have a good childcare service in Asker with many skilled and committed staff working day and night to provide the best possible service, but a comprehensive audit report recently submitted to the city council shows us politicians that all is not well.

The report cites four specific factors, which together are seen as a risk that the supply is unequal in the entire municipality, and as a risk that children in the municipality will not receive the right help at the right time.

In short, there are a large number of severe deadlines and appointments, a lack of capacity and the challenges of cooperating with other municipal services.

The quality of the municipality must be measured by our ability and willingness to take care of our children and give them good conditions for growth.

It is first and foremost a parent’s responsibility, but adult health or their lack of life skills can make nursing homes difficult. This is why it is so important that we as a municipality look at job opportunities across service areas for the benefit of our citizens.

Therefore, a good child care service also relates to the extent to which the service cooperates with other municipal services, such as the child and family service, school and kindergarten, health and care.

A child care lab is a method we should also look at in child care, where the user is placed at the center and the municipality organizes itself around the user with all related and collaborative services, rather than the user having to deal with different services.

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On the basis of its findings, the audit report raises questions about both the dimensions and organization of Asker’s child care service, which is partly an administrative responsibility, but also a political one.

Therefore, the municipal council requested the municipality director to include in the municipality’s action plan to prevent neglect and behavioral problems a statement of actions aimed at improving the health and living conditions of children and parents/guardians.

The Municipal Council also stressed that greater emphasis should be placed on cooperation across the areas of service, care, upbringing and the Navy.

A case submission was also requested in order to improve case reporting and establish user councils in the child care service.

In addition, the Municipal Director has already implemented a number of actions based on the results presented in the report. Politically, we will also follow further guidance where this is normal and necessary. We are not happy until all the children in Askar get the help they need.

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