Maybach, car | This car is the only one of its kind in Norway: it will not be sold

Maybach, car |  This car is the only one of its kind in Norway: it will not be sold

(Northern Lights): The Maybach 57 luxury black sedan, the only one of its kind in Norway. The car has a long history and has been around all over the country, before ending up in Tromsø.

It has stood there for good measure since 2015. The car has previously been featured on TV 2, Nordlys and E24. Because it has an interesting history.

In 2005, Schibsted owner and car enthusiast Tinius Nagell-Erichsen bought the car brand new, for the substantial sum of nearly NOK six million.

After the death of Nagell-Erichsen in 2007, the car has been on a long journey across Norway.

exchange by boat

You may have heard about the story of this black Maybach 57 arriving in Tromsø before. A total of 27 boats have been purchased by Biltrend Harstad Marina Båt AS when it went bankrupt in 2011.

– A big boat with that load has arrived there. It wasn’t suitable for our conditions here in northern Norway, says Geir Kato Rognemo of Beltrand Tromsø, and was more intended for warmer regions.

This is the used car no one wants to buy – and it’s parked in Tromso

This is how the millionaire’s car came to the right track. Biltrend received an offer to exchange the boat for the car, which the Managing Director, Per Molund and Co of Biltrend, could not refuse.

– We’d rather have a car parked here than have a big boat out to rust away. It was a change, Rognmo says.

Since then, the car has been meticulously shown. Rognmo explains that they have received some bids to buy the car, but they are not good enough to complete the sale. The car is currently priced at NOK 1.5 million.

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The car has been on the used market for many years. Among other things, it was put up for sale in Drammen. Although she has moved between dealers, she has yet to find a private individual who wants to keep her exactly. Rognmo says they’re not actively looking for someone who might consider buying the car.

– This is a type of car for which we are not looking for customers. The customer should only look for us. Going to someone we might think will buy the car is useless. There are many great new cars in this price range, he says.

But still, the level of equipment in the car is nothing to complain about. The car from 2005 comes with a 5.5 liter V12 engine with 551 hp, which means it moves well despite its weight of 2735 kg. Almost a three-ton drive. The car is equipped with a five-speed automatic gearbox and goes from 0 to 100 in less than 5 seconds.

Interceptor, the car is adorned with all the premium equipment that was available in 2005.

– a lot of it is outdated and old-fashioned, but it’s very tough. The car is almost better-equipped, says Rogenmo, than many modern cars.

Inside the car is covered in dark black suede on the dashboard and large parts of the interior. The rest is clad in polished wood, with enough storage space to make any motorist jealous.

It also has electrical holes that open to reveal a sturdy but perhaps slightly dated Nokia charger.

The seats are in black leather, with heating and cooling options. The four seats in the car can be electrically adjusted. In the back seat you’ll find a wine cooler with its own chamber for storing glasses and more storage space.

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The rear window also has electric blinds that can be controlled from the driver’s seat. The whole car bears the stamp of complete luxury.

– it’s a pleasure. Like I say, curious. Rognemo says a lot of people come in asking about the car’s performance.

little is in use

Before the car arrived in the North, Rogenmo says, there was an owner in Ostfold who used it as a passenger car. He himself had the pleasure of driving the luxury car.

– It’s a very cool car. I’ve brought her home a few times, because she needs a little bit of a drive so she doesn’t just sit there. It was very beautiful, because you don’t hear a thing. It is so well isolated that you don’t hear the road nor the engine. If you give him gas, Rogenmo laughs, it’s a bit like driving one of the electric cars today.

A car that is about 20 years old has low miles around 72,000km on the odometer.

The car has also been used in several weddings. The Beltrend seller does not hide the fact that the car, on the other hand, may not be well suited for daily driving.

-Instead of a used car, this car is probably more of a car to take on a Sunday trip. Then you can drive and enjoy yourself on nice weather days, he says.

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