Google launched Android 12. But there is a problem

Google launched Android 12. But there is a problem

On the same day that Microsoft surprisingly released Windows 11, Google launched Android 12. The special thing about Google’s launch is that the final version of the operating system is only available as source code for Android open source project (AOSP).

The AOSP version is important enough, because this is where all providers other than Google themselves retrieve the source code they use in their Android variants. According to Google, at least newer devices from Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, Vivo and Xiaomi will be able to get the Android 12 upgrade later this year.

Google itself promises that a new version of the operating system will be available for the company’s Pixel devices in a few weeks.

Android 12 has been tested well during the beta period. Over 225,000 beta users have tested the Pixel phone and some devices from select other providers. These have submitted nearly 50,000 error reports.

New GUI and better hardware usage

Android 12 includes, among other things, a completely new user interface and a design language called Material You. The goal is to make everything personal and intuitive, as well as provide new opportunities for app developers.

Under the hood, it promised better performance in a number of areas. Among other things, services belonging to the platform will use 22 percent less CPU time, which could mean better battery life and more resources available for other tasks.

Android 12 also brings a new “Privacy Dashboard”, which will give the user insight into, among other things, permission settings, what data apps can access, and how often – everything from one place.

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Google also promises that it will be easier to use third-party app markets in Android 12 than in previous versions. This may have happened after disagreements with Epic, among other things.

More details about the new features in Android 12 can be found here she has And she has.

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