Google with a new function for these phones

Google with a new function for these phones

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The so-called “Search” button promises to revolutionize the way we handle calls from unknown numbers by allowing users to identify the caller before starting a conversation.

With a simple click on the “Search” button next to the traditional “Answer” and “Decline” buttons, users can perform a quick Google search for the incoming number.

This search tool is designed to reveal useful information about the caller, which may include company information, user reviews, and most importantly, warnings about known spam numbers.

The benefits of the “Search” button are far-reaching. First, it reduces the risk of fraud by alerting users to suspicious potential scammers before the recipient responds. Additionally, it provides enhanced control over incoming calls by telling users whether a call is worth answering, should be ignored, or blocked.

The efficiency of the Search button not only saves time, but it also reduces the risk of annoying or risky conversations by taking the guesswork out of who is on the other end. The functionality is still in beta and only available to testers, but Google has high expectations for an early launch.

The success of this feature will ultimately depend on how well it is able to identify and report unwanted calls while protecting users' privacy.

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