Governor – Oh my God, they’re after Mickey Mouse

Governor - Oh my God, they're after Mickey Mouse

New York (Dagbladet): Disney World in Orlando is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Disney is also one of the most privately owned companies in Florida.
However, the 43-year-old Republican governor chose to go to war against the company.

“Don’t say like me”

Big corporate crime is criticism of a new law in Florida, and several critics have renamed the Don’t Say Like Me law because it prohibits teachers from stating sexual orientation or gender identity from kindergarten through third grade in elementary school.

Activists fighting for gay rights in the United States call the law homophobic and have received support from large sections of society, including Disney.

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Florida HB 1557, also known as the Don’t Say Gay Act, should never have been passed. Our goal as a company is to overturn the law by elected representatives or stop it in the judicial system. “We will support national and governmental organizations working to make this happen,” Disney wrote in its March 28 statement CNBC.

Special Agreement removed

As punishment, DeSantis on Friday signed into law a repeal of a special agreement Disney has had since the late 1960s, which largely gives the company the power to govern itself.

DeSantis’ decision could have serious consequences for Disney and the local economy.

The decision, which takes effect in June 2023, means, among other things, that Disney may have to pay more taxes. It could also mean that Disney employees have to pay more taxes, tickets to the giant theme park become more expensive, and could affect the rest of the local economy around the big company.

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– When you listen to Ron DeSantis, there is moral indignation: “That’s why you’re wrong, and that’s why I’m right.” The moral indignation and the will to respond is what makes people love Ron DeSantis’ message. Blaise Angolia, a state politician and former leader of the Republican Party in Florida, said that as long as he continues to show a willingness to fight, people will continue to rally around him. AP.

Trump’s lawyer

However, critics see DeSanti’s behavior as a blunt use of force, and that he is now acting in a way that may backfire on him later – even in Republican circles.

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As much as I don’t agree with Disney’s statement, they have the right to speak up and support legislation or not support it without consequences from the authorities. Their clients have the right to reply using their wallet. Controversial former attorney for Donald Trump, Gina Ellis, says that DeSantis has gone too far here. Twitter He adds:

Politics and law must be fair and reasonable. Not avenged.

DeSantis is running for governor again in November. But by attacking Disney, he also garnered a lot of national attention. In Republican circles, he is seen as perhaps the most likely presidential candidate in 2024 after Donald Trump.

– ugly

Democrats, for their part, are trying to use DeSanti’s behavior as an example of how radical Republicans can be.

– she is ugly. Look what’s happening in Florida. ‘Oh my God, they’re persecuting Mickey Mouse,’ President Joe Biden shouted during an event earlier this week, according to Watchman.

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He believes that the situation shows how “the far right has taken over the Republican Party.”

Respect the conservatives. Biden said Thursday that there is nothing conservative about the decision to exclude Disney from its current position because you believe we shouldn’t be able to say “gay.”

DeSantis spokesperson Taryn Finsky defends the decision.

— The governor is a principled, committed leader and achieves exactly what he says he will do, he says, according to the Associated Press.

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