Green on Wall Street |

Green on Wall Street |

Wall Street finished in the green after rising from the start, while the market eagerly awaits tomorrow’s jobs numbers.

Heavy industry Dow Jones It rose 0.17 percent to 36,117.64 points. wide Standard & Poor’s 500 The technology index ended 0.80 percent to 4,585.59 points Nasdaq It rose 1.37 percent to 14,339.99 points.

The yield on ten-year US government bonds reached 4.148 percent, while the VIX index, also called the fear index, rose 0.85 percent to 13.08.


So far this week, there have been a lot of numbers for the US job market. The number of first-time applicants for unemployment benefits in the United States, or so-called unemployment claims, reached 220,000 people last week, lower than expectations.

On the Friday before trading comes what is often referred to as the most important number of the month:

“The market is still preparing for this week’s big international event, namely tomorrow’s November payrolls report. The most decisive factor so far this week has been Tuesday’s JOLTS numbers for October, which showed a faster decline in job opening inventory than the market had envisioned.


PayPalShares fell after Amazon announced Thursday that it was removing PayPal-owned Venmo as a payment option. The stock closed on Thursday, down 1.76 percent to $58.48.

reported Wednesday Google The company has launched a new AI tool, Gemini, in an attempt to do an internal swing at OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Alphabet shares rose 4.9 percent in the opening minutes on the New York Stock Exchange, and ended the day up 5.17 percent at $136.68.

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AMD, Advanced Micro Devices shares rose more than 9 percent after the company estimated that the potential market for its AI chips could reach $45 billion within the year. The stock closed on Thursday, up 9.77 percent to $128.23.

Facebook shares rose 2.88 percent to $326.03.

Amazon shares rose 1.63 percent to $146.85.

Apple shares rose 1.00 percent to $194.23.

Netflix shares rose 1.19 percent to $452.13.


The price of a barrel of North Sea oil closed up 0.22 percent to $74.38 per barrel. West Texas Intermediate crude closed 0.39 percent higher at $69.64 a barrel.


Bitcoin fell 1.18 percent to $43,292. Ethereum rose 4.74 percent to $2,353.57.

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