Neighbors had a heated argument over parking

Neighbors had a heated argument over parking

Neighborhood argument: Neighbors with garages on the left park their cars like this.

Neighbors in heated parking dispute:

A neighbor’s dispute over rights of way, access to the garage and parking space has gone so far that one party has placed boulders to block the neighbor’s access to his garage.

– We are depicted as two madmen. But we tried to have a conversation with the neighbors and it didn’t work, says the wife in one half of the semi-detached house.

Last fall, she and her husband placed large boulders in an area between their and a neighbor’s garage.

Stone blocks are placed on neighboring boundaries. The boulders mean that this neighbor can’t get in or out of the garage with the car because the neighbor’s boundary is three meters from the neighbor’s garage door.

Stone blocks: A neighbor has placed these stones on his neighbor’s boundary so that the neighbor whose garage is on the left cannot now get in and out of the garage with his cars.

– Beyond

Motor interviewed two neighbors. None of them wanted us to use their name or image.

They have – not surprisingly – a different representation of the conflict between neighbors in the Lear region near Drammen.

Both blame their neighbors for their conflict over driveways, parking and access to the garage, and now they’ve ended up in each other’s court.

– The woman in one of the houses says that it is unbelievable that our neighbors have gone to the extent of throwing boulders.

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She and her partner are now unable to use the garage.

– We don’t get in and out of the car. This is completely, completely wrong.

Conflict-ridden neighborhood: Neighbors whose entrances are close to each other.  We see the corner of the stone blocks set in the picture.

A conflict-ridden neighbourhood: Neighbors live close to each other and the entrances are close to each other. We see the corner of the stone blocks set in the picture.

Three meters

The semi-detached house was built 12 years ago, with a shared driveway – and a registered right of way so that the occupants of one half of the semi-detached house can drive across the property to the other half of the semi-detached house. Home, their own garage and go to their own house.

The garages are facing each other and there is enough space between the garages that you can easily drive through both the garages.

But the boundary between the two units is much closer to one garage than the other. The neighbor’s boundary is three meters beyond a garage door.

– Disagree

Neighbors bickered for four years as neighbors finally moved in. Both neighbors accused each other of blocking cars.

A neighbor in a stoned unit says:

– If the neighbor parks in front of our garage, we don’t get in or out of our garage.

They believe the neighbors used their property almost as a common area.

The neighbor in the unit has stones in front of his own garage:

– We disagree on what parking is and what short stops are. We have only ever used the place to return after they told us in April not to stop there.

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NOK 80,000

Neighbors barred from their garages went to district court with a request for a so-called temporary restraining order to take away the stone blocks.

There, the two neighbors provided several photographs that they believed were evidence. Motor has requested access to this evidence.

The district court rejected that claim, saying the neighbors who put up the stone barriers put them on their own property — and the registered right-of-way doesn’t apply in this area.

Thus, the stone blocks remain intact.

The neighbor was ordered to pay NOK 80,000 in court costs to the bereaved neighbour. In addition, they have their own legal expenses.

Night photos: A couple took this photo in the middle of the night of a neighbor's car that was parked on the wrong side of the neighbor's boundary.

Night Pictures: A couple took this photo in the middle of the night when a neighbor’s car was parked on the wrong side of the neighbor’s boundary.

An appeal is being considered

Mortar asked the two neighbors what they should do now.

– Right of way says we have access to our property. Now we have to go through the blocked area as well. So the distraught neighbors say they are considering an appeal.

– Can an amicable solution be reached?

– The possibilities are slim.

– Have you considered removing the stone blocks yourself?

– Then we destroy other people’s property. It is not allowed.

He says building a new road so they can access their own property is also not easy.

Neighbors who put up stone blocks also don’t believe in an amicable solution.

– The best thing would have been an amicable solution. But now that is not possible. Neighbor woman says definitely not.

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Prohibited to use

Part of the story is that the municipality of Leer has temporarily banned the use of both garages.

It turns out that a garage was erected in the wrong place on the property at the time. It should be set far away from other garages. The neighbor would not have been a problem to use the garage as well.

Also, none of the garages have received a temporary use permit or completion certificate from the Lear Municipality.

The municipality is now dealing with these questions.

Long term parking dispute:

A married couple wanted a large parking space – took the paint brush

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