Corona, Chundalsora | Explosion at Sande School

Corona, Chundalsora |  Explosion at Sande School

Phase 1 students and teachers are isolated. Seven people were diagnosed with the infection through self-examination. They are isolated.

Over the weekend, we were informed that a total of 7 people related to first class at the Sande School had tested positive on their own. The school has already informed all concerned that students and teachers at the relevant stage will be isolated. Those who have already tested positive have been isolated. Municipal Chief Physician Svein Anders Grimstad says in a statement.

In recent weeks, there have been Govt-19 eruptions in most of Chundal’s neighboring municipalities. At the testing center in Chundalsora, there were 0-5 positive tests daily for the past two weeks. All but one have been infected outside the municipality or through a close contact with an already known disease in the municipality.

– We request all those affected by the situation at the Sante School to book a check-in meeting as soon as possible to confirm at the testing center at Øra School. Ordering a test is done on சுண்டல்.கம்யூன்.எண்Says Grimstad.

The duration of isolation is basically 10 days, but after 7 days you can test yourself with a negative self-examination / quick test. Isolation lasts for 6 days from the time you start getting symptoms. If there are no symptoms, the patient should be isolated for 6 days from the time the positive test is taken.

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Those who receive the 3rd vaccine dose at least one week before the onset of infection are exempt from the isolation provided by daily negative self-examination / rapid testing.

In conclusion, Grimstad wants to make a general consideration.

– The Omigran variant, probably acquired now, seems to significantly reduce the risk of a serious illness. However, Omigron is highly contagious, so most of us should expect to be affected in the winter / spring. Therefore, the goal now is to flatten the infection curve so that schooling, work life, health services, maintenance services and other important social activities are not compromised, says Grimstad.

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