Do the Russians support Vladimir Putin? He has an age problem.

Do the Russians support Vladimir Putin?  He has an age problem.

MOSCOW (Aftenposten): Putin’s endlessly long table has become notorious. Now people accept. What happened?

President Vladimir Putin kisses a supporter in the Republic of Dagestan this summer. Until recently, Putin liked to stand 40 to 50 meters away from everyone else during public events.

The short version

For several years, President Vladimir Putin has remained isolated. During the events, he would stand 40-50 meters away from everyone. He did not travel much, and it is very rare for anyone to have the opportunity to meet him. The few who were able to speak to him had to sit on the other side of very long tables.

In recent months, the situation has completely reversed. Now he travels all the time, and TV channels constantly show that he meets different people. Putin even started hugging and kissing ordinary Russian citizens.

Experts say he is working hard to solve a major problem.

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