Grimes apologizes after Coachella

Grimes apologizes after Coachella

The American festival Coachella is in full swing, and for many music lovers, the festival is the highlight of the year.

But those who were looking forward to seeing Canadian artist Grimes (36), whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher, may have been disappointed by her performance and behaviour.

Surprise: – Completely average

The artist experienced technical problems on stage, which led to her screaming into the microphone.

She appeared in videos on social media screaming in frustration and stopping the songs several times.

It all ended with Boucher leaving the stage earlier than expected, in the middle of “Genesis,” which is one of her most famous songs. He writes CNN.

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on X She has now apologized to the fans, and explained the whole matter by saying that she usually manages a lot of the techniques herself, but this time someone else was in charge.

“I won't let this happen again. I spent months on this show creating the music and visuals. Obviously I'm not in the best mood right now. But next week will be flawless, and I'll be responsible myself. Forgive me!”, her caption to X says, Among other things.

Celebrity Party Butchers: -Never again

Celebrity Party Butchers: -Never again

Boucher wasn't alone in feeling like things didn't go according to plan this weekend.

When British band Blur performed, vocalist Damon Albarn, 56, was visibly frustrated by the audience's lack of enthusiasm.

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In several videos on social media, he was seen trying to encourage festival participants to sing and follow along, saying, among other things, “You can do better than this.”

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After several harsh words, Albarn is said to have finally surrendered.

“You'll never see us again, so you'd better sing,” he said.

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