December 9, 2022


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I did not accept an apology from Atle Antonsen - I still haven't heard a thing

I did not accept an apology from Atle Antonsen – I still haven’t heard a thing

Back in 2016, 26-year-old Johannes Helmo Luftsgaard met comedian Atli Antonsen during a gulrotein. The 26-year-old was a big fan of Antonsen.

Loftsgård has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair Facebook About an encounter during Gullruten which for him was anything but pleasant.

It must have started with Antonsen saying:Why are you sitting in that chair over there, you fucking greens?». He then allegedly asked why Loftsgård’Can’t you just get up and walk like normal people?»

Then, according to Loftsgård, he suddenly grabbed the wheelchair and began to “He rolled me at high speed down the stairs to the first floor. As he did so, he said “Now I’ll roll you down the stairs and we’ll see how it goes.” I started to get nervous, and replied, “No, don’t do that.” He pauses away from the landing, and starts laughing».

I did not accept the apology

Loftsgaard told the local newspaper on Friday Laagendalsposten He did not accept the apology he received from Antonsen.

– I think the apology is not good enough, because he does not take responsibility for the words he took at his mouth and the actions he took, he wrote in an e-mail to the newspaper.

Loftsgård told ABC Nyheter on Tuesday that he has not heard anything from Antonsen after he stated he did not accept the apology.

– No, I did not receive any message from him after my answer, he writes in a text message from ABC Nyheter.

Antonsen: – It’s painful to hear

Antonsen wrote in a text message to ABC Nyheter last week that he was very sorry.

It really hurts to hear that he viewed our meeting as unpleasant. I remember this well, and I thought of it many times later as a genuinely nice meeting. I was not drunk in any way. It was a young, cheerful boy who wanted to take a picture with me, and said he really liked what I was doing. Then I thought I’d play a little joke on him, which I thought he’d appreciate, Antonsen wrote.

Loftsgård wrote on Facebook that he had not reacted to the Gullruten incident until he heard about experience writer and social debater Soumaya Jerdi Ali (24) with Antonsen.


There then Loftsgård is said to have laughed the whole time, thanking Antonsen for daring to joke with a disabled person.

«When I told others about the incident, they responded, but I defended him because I was such a big fan of him. It was only when Soumaya told Gerdi Ali her experience that she was able to see the words and actions for what they were.Loftsgård wrote on Facebook.

Last week, Antonsen was flagged for racist and reckless behavior, Sumaya Gerdi Ali.

The Oslo Public Prosecutor’s Office dropped the case against Antonsen on Friday.

Antonsen is said to have made racist remarks against Gerdi Ali at Bar Boca in Gronerlocka in Oslo four weeks ago.