May 29, 2023


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Lottippus shares an emotional message – he cries: “Madness..”

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Leif Einar Lothe, better known as Lothepus, is a colorful figure on the Norwegian entertainment scene. He is an entrepreneur, television personality, and musician from Hardanger, known for his cheerful personality, signature hat, and straightforward sense of humor.

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Lothepus achieved national fame with his participation in “Farmen Kjendis” in 2017, where he entertained viewers with his charm, strong will, and practical knowledge. His authentic performance on the show made him a crowd favorite and gave him the opportunity to create his own TV series.

After the success of Farmen Kjendis, Lothepus spearheaded his own programme, “Lothepus & Co”, and later “Camp Lothepus”. These programs give viewers an insight into his daily life, his work, and his unique approach to challenges. Through these programmes, Lottibus cemented his place in the hearts of Norwegian television viewers, thanks to his authentic personality and ability to captivate the audience.

He often shares things from his life on Instagram. Now he recently has an old bubble refurbished, which was unveiled at a bubble meeting at his campsite. These are the words he wrote:

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– Many thanks to all the divers who once again followed the madness. Season 2 of Lothepus Camping is now available on TV 2 Play!

Congratulations to the great car, it really was a thing in itself.
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