Jamina and Stian Bleib:-

Jamina and Stian Bleib:-

This was last week Host and comedian Stian Bleib (32) and his wife Jamina Bleib (33) He turned his nose south, with daughter Noel, 3, and their five-month-old son, Boy.

The holiday trip went to the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, and with them was also a former sportsman of the Beath Emil Hegel Svendsen (36), Samantha Scogrand (32) and their children.

On Thursday’s episode of the podcast baby boom – Samantha and Jamina podcast – It turns out, however, that the trip only went according to plan.

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When your first vacation is in the warmer regions with the sun and palm trees, there is no doubt that the figure should be on top. This was not the case for the Bleib family.

Jamina and Samantha tell us more about this in our podcast episode.

The former admits she was really looking forward to the trip, but it didn’t take long before she took a full turn for the family.

The family managed to stay on the island for a whole day. They ate at the hotel and went back to the room in the evening, then everything was fine. But soon after, she felt like she was starting to have a stomach ache. It turned out that she had fallen ill.

– We have already prepared for an intimate evening, I did not want to say anything and spoil the romantic atmosphere. But in the end, I just had to say I was nauseous and felt like I should vomit. We also heard she brought Noel into the room at the exact same time, she said.

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It turned out that the daughter fell ill.

– Then it started. I escaped stomach aches and nausea. When we were done, Bowie and Stan started. As we know, these guys get a little sick, so it was really bad at the time. But it stopped after twelve hours.

Jamina Blipp has not yet responded to Dagbladet’s inquiries.

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