Group led by British teenager allegedly hacked Uber car service

Group led by British teenager allegedly hacked Uber car service

The group of hackers is said to be behind many attacks on computers lately. Many of the members must be in their teens.

An Uber app with an Uber driver in Oslo.

Last week, Uber announced that the company was exposed to a data breach. Now the company believes it can prove who was behind the attack.

CNN He writes that the company is now referring to members of the well-known hacker group Lapsus$.

According to the pirates, Uber itself They succeeded in gaining access to the company’s internal communications, and posted an “inappropriate image” on this platform.

Led the 16-year-old British group

They must also have access to a portion of the company’s internal invoice data. They should not have access to other, more sensitive data – such as the personal data of Uber users or the code that runs the Uber app.

Books in March BBC About the hacker group, which is associated with South America. Then it turned out that a 16-year-old Briton was among the leaders of the pirate group. It is said that he went by the name “white”.

The teenager lives in Oxford with his mother. The media house reported that they spoke to his father. He says the boy’s Oxford-based family is worried about him. The teenager is autistic, and will go to a private school in Oxford.

– We will try to prevent him from using computers, the father told the BBC in March.

He said that until then he only thought his son was playing. The mother did not want to comment on the case.

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The BBC wrote in March that London police had arrested seven people linked to the group, aged between 16 and 21, without specifying if the teen in question was one of them. The BBC wrote that they could not name the teenager for legal reasons.

Looking for hacking

The boy was allegedly uncovered by rival hackers. According to the BBC, he is allegedly rich from piracy. We are talking about an amount over 144 million Norwegian kroner.

The same hacker group, with the same leader, is also linked to a recent data breach at Rockstar Games. In the past few days, photos, videos, and information about an upcoming game – Grand Threft Auto 6 or GTA 6 – have been circulating online.

Location player He writes that the 16-year-old should have sent evidence that he was also behind this data breach in a conversation on social media Telegram. But then it was deleted again – after the intrusion became known to the public. Presumably behind this information is an official of a well-known hacker forum.

Microsoft is also said to have been attacked by the same group, the BBC writes.

Uber itself has stated on its own pages that it is cooperating closely with the FBI and the US Department of Justice in investigating the attack.

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