-At the core of what we want to stand for/fire

-At the core of what we want to stand for/fire

-One of Bran's values ​​is that we care. So an initiative like FUTURE-PROOF is at the heart of what we want to stand for. It gives us the opportunity to contribute to a larger field than we could manage alone,” says Christian Calvinis, Managing Director at Brann.

Calvinis points out that human rights considerations are also of great importance in BRAN's operations.

– The impression of football is not equally good all over the world. “We want to support the work being done through the National Football Association and other organizations to ensure that human rights are protected where football is concerned,” says Calvinis.

Bergen Næringsråd and Raftostiftelsen are behind the FUTURE-PROOF network. The purpose is to assist the business world in its work to pursue its human rights responsibilities.

Today, there are about 40 companies that are part of the FUTURE-PROOF network and there is a great emphasis on exchanging experiences between different companies.

– Greater interest

As with other Norwegian companies, Sportsklubben Brann's challenge is to get a complete overview of how human rights are protected in the supply chain.

Bergens Tidende wrote that recently New blue fire kits From Nike is printed in Cambodia. The article states that it is difficult to know enough about the process behind producing the suit.

Calvinis says it's important for Bran to have good visibility into his suppliers and their supply chains, specifically to be able to know that human rights and decent working conditions are protected.

He hopes that membership in FUTURE-PROOF will help the club to continue this work in a good way.

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-We hope we do well enough locally. We also hope that by being part of FUTURE-PROOF and by showing our interest, we contribute to the fact that together we are able to create greater interest and awareness around this topic, concludes Calvinis.

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