Two children found dead in Sweden – suspected murder

Two children found dead in Sweden – suspected murder

One adult was seriously injured and two children died in Sweden

Photo: Ola Axman/Aftonbladet

Late Tuesday evening, police went to a residential area in Södertälje, southwest of Stockholm.

Two of his relatives suspected of murder, write Aftonbladet Wednesday morning.

-We are working with a suspected serious crime. Two people were arrested. “We will not delve into the type of crime we are investigating at this time,” Daniel Vekdal, police press liaison for the Stockholm region, said on Tuesday evening.

According to Aftonbladet newspaper information, it is a suspected violent crime. Several people must participate.

A large area was cordoned off, both outside and inside.

It is currently unclear where exactly the alleged crime took place.

According to Aftonbladet newspaper, paramedics who were at the scene were later taken off duty due to the circumstances surrounding the suspected crime.

Several people were taken to hospital Tuesday evening.

Police reported that one of the detainees was seriously injured. According to information from Aftonbladet newspaper, it is a case of stab wounds.

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