Refusal to continue chiropractic treatment

Refusal to continue chiropractic treatment

After TV 2 helps you uncover a chiropractor’s practiceThe Norwegian Health Authority decided to open an inspection case.

Now they decided to revoke the permission.

Multiple crimes

We assessed his professional understanding as missing, and that he lacks insight and ability to correct irresponsible activities

Norwegian Health Authority

– The supervisory case in question shows that NN (name omitted by TV 2, editor’s note), although it has been discovered to have committed a crime by the supervisory authority several times in the past, related to the same circumstances, does not appear to have committed a crime that changed The way he practiced his profession, writes Karen Barelusen, a lawyer with the Norwegian Health Authority.

– We assessed his professional understanding as non-existent, and that he lacks the foresight and ability to correct irresponsible activities, writes Pareliussen.

The Norwegian Health Authority concluded that the chiropractor had violated the requirements for professional responsibility, resource use and record keeping in Sections 4, 6 and 40 of the Health Workers Act.

The man worked as a chiropractor for a number of years, and has several patients in a clinic in Oslo. He is still listed as General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the clinic.

The inspectorate says only the chiropractor has lost his permit as a chiropractor in recent years.

hidden camera during treatment

In the winter of 2021, TV 2 helps you get information from a former chiropractor patient. The patient said, among other things, that he felt pressured to buy the treatment, and that he was told he had to have an X-ray.

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After a short while, he chose not to take any more treatments.

Three reporters from TV 2 help you send with a hidden camera to check if the tipping is correct.

The recordings revealed, among other things, that the three were asked to take x-rays of their backs and necks, although they stated that they had no symptoms or complaints. None of them received a written referral to an X-ray as required by law. Patient records consist of handwritten patient cards with keywords.

The three also received repeated offers of treatment packages of 12 to 15 treatments of several thousand kronor.

TV 2 also helps you reveal that your chiropractor has had several supervisory cases against him in the past.

Among other things, he received two warnings from the Norwegian Health Authority about inadequate record-keeping, once also for irresponsible actions, in the early 2000s.

“unfit to practice”

In the new decision, the Norwegian Health Authority wrote that it believes the chiropractor “Unfit to practice chiropractic responsibly».

They also write:We are seriously looking at your infractions, which in light of previous supervision cases against you, we assume occurred over many years. From your statements to the supervisory authority, we cannot see that you are acknowledging that you have acted improperly. Nor have you expressed that you will act differently in the future. In our opinion, the circumstances in question are of such a serious nature that we believe it is necessary to revoke your authorization. “

The Norwegian Health Authority is highly critical of the fact that chiropractors routinely send patients for x-rays, and that this has occurred without a written referral. They also believe that the practice of offering treatment packages can easily lead to overtreatment. The Inspection Department also reacts to the fact that patient records consist of handwritten patient cards, writing, among other things:

«Sometimes the handwriting is illegible and peppered with keywords. It is not clear from the patients’ cards what clinical examinations were performed and, if possible, what their results were.»


The chiropractor appealed the decision. If the inspection body stands up to its position, the complaint will be sent to the Norwegian Health Personnel Council.

TV 2 helps you make several attempts to get the hang of the guy, but to no avail.

Previously, it was stated that the package offer was voluntary, and cheaper per treatment.

The chiropractor denied breaking the law, and claimed there was no requirement that a referral to an X-ray be in writing. He also denied using X-rays routinely.

Regarding the warnings, he noted that they dated back a long time, and claimed that he had adapted to criticisms of record-keeping.

– builds confidence

– The Chiropractors Association trusts the decision of the Norwegian Health Authority. The Norwegian Chiropractic Association believes that it is a good idea for health authorities to clearly enforce the legislation if health care personnel practice outside professional or ethical laws and guidelines. Enforcement of the legislation helps maintain and build people’s trust in the health care system, says the president of the Norwegian Chiropractors Association, Espen Oren.

When patients seek out a chiropractor, they should check if the chiropractor is a member of the Norwegian Chiropractor Association, where members are subject to continuing education requirements and strict ethical rules, Oren says.

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