Guardiola is now talking about Liverpool spending in the ’70s and ’80s

Guardiola Pre Wolves

After Manchester City beat Newcastle United last weekend, Pep Guardiola made some amazing comments about Liverpool. He believed that “everyone” is hoping that the All-Reds are in the title fight – possibly to create a “us against the rest” situation internally as well. It might at least look as if his midfielder Rodri was out and said the same things in an interview with Sky Sports.

In preparation for tonight’s match against Wolverhampton, Guardiola spoke more about Liverpool. Just yesterday, when he made it clear that the goal is to defend his players, and the Champions League seemed to be the only thing everyone cared about.

Now he has also spoken about City spending money, once again highlighting Liverpool.

For people, it’s only about money. If you want to think about it, think about it, but I know why I work here. Well, don’t give us credit, but we can at least give ourselves credit. “As a manager, I would like to pay tribute to the players and the support staff,” Guardiola told Sky Sports.

The reporter asked him if he thought it was about the money.

When Liverpool won titles in the ’70s and ’80s, and when United did, who spent the most money? Was it Norwich? Did Norwich spend the most money, or was it Leicester? No, Liverpool spent more money than others, but the money back then was very different than it is now, he says.

– When we put the “Union” here (on the chest), we get overpaid. When United or Liverpool now get paid more, and maybe they deserve it because they’re doing well or their general manager is doing well, that’s fine, because it’s for the sake of the United States or any other country where the owners belong. Then it is perfect. It will not change and will not change for a long time. He says the only way to change that is to do well on the field.

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Stephen Kelly points out on Twitter That the Liverpool team that won the club’s first Champions League Cup in 1977 was selected from the following clubs: Scunthorpe, Northampton, Liverpool FC, Blackpool, Wrexham, Liverpool South, Liverpool FC, Newcastle, Arsenal, Scunthorpe and Skelmersdale. .

Wolverhampton meets tonight

Liverpool did the job against Aston Villa on Tuesday night, again picking up the points with Manchester City having a better goal difference.

City will now play two league matches before Liverpool play again in the league against Southampton on May 17. City’s two league matches will be played away from home, against Wolverhampton tonight, and against West Ham on Sunday.

Tonight’s game kicks off at 21.15, and City face some challenges in defence, as Robin Dias, John Stones and Kyle Walker will miss the season. Fernandinho is the one who starts in the center of defense in this match.

This is the City team: Ederson, Cancelo, Fernandinho, Laporte, Zinchenko, Rodrygo, Gundogan, Bernardo, Sterling, De Bruyne, Foden

The match is shown on TV 2 Sport Premium.

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