Elitserin, Bodo Glimt | Reacts strongly to Bodo/Glimt interruption: – Completely stupid

Elitserin, Bodo Glimt |  Reacts strongly to Bodo/Glimt interruption: – Completely stupid

“I think this is basically meaningless,” Ståle Lindblad tells Nettavisen.

He is a former media director at Lillestrom. Today he works with consulting in the field of digital media and communications. He also gives lectures on the same topic.

Both Tromsø newspapers reported last week Northern lights And In Tromsø Many former TIL players who today play for rivals Bodø/Glimt have been refused requests to be interviewed.

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In January, former coach Gut Hellstrup and defender Justin Gundersen were shocked when they signed Glimt on the same day. A few weeks later, scout Joe Nimmo Matland also followed suit.

In the past, Daniel Bassi has taken the same route, while Runar Espejord and August Mikkelsen have a past in Tromsø. The latter signed with Glimt before this season.

The background history means that the next meeting between the two teams has created, if possible, more emotion than before.

– Media pressure is part of the preparations before the match. It's part of the supporter experience. The fact that one club is boycotting the other club's local media is absolutely stupid. “I think it makes no sense at all, and you're doing yourself a disservice,” Lindblad says.

– I can't remember it happening before

Øyvind Nordmo Sivertsen is sports editor at Nordlys and doesn't remember ever encountering a similar situation.

– I have worked as a sports journalist since 2003, for more than 20 years, and I have never encountered a club or players who do not speak to certain media outlets in this way. I don't remember this happening before. “So it’s very special,” he told Netavicin.

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Although he finds Camp Glimt's decision remarkable, Sivertsen says he takes it all with a smile.

– I can actually understand that all those who failed TIL and went to Budo, do not attend a joint session with the “Image of Judas.” “But I think it's funny that they can't arrange a face-to-face interview,” he says.

The former LSK media director points out that they worked together with Vålerenga to build media pressure ahead of rival encounters between the two teams when he was working at Åråsen.

-You must accept this competition. Now I realize that if there is anyone who has a reason to “hate”, it is Tromsø, and it is Glimt who chose the coaches and players from them. But I think you have to embrace that rivalry in the media and definitely stand up for the good stuff, Lindblad says.

Nordlys editor is on the same page.

– I understand that they do not want to submit. But as a player and a club, you live on attention. One way to get that is to be in the media. It's part of the entertainment side of Norwegian football, Sivertsen says, and points out that it's almost obligatory to ask if you don't have very compelling reasons to the contrary.

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– There is no point in such a boycott

– Can one understand that players and coaches went through media matters personally after the transfers, and therefore do not want to talk to the media?

-You can of course protect the players, and this can be important before the match. If a player is under a lot of pressure or feels uncomfortable, I understand that. When it comes to coaches, I think you have to be more flexible.

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– But the club must stand up, Lindblad says clearly.

Bodø/Glimt's media officer, Simen Pedersen, explains the club's choice as follows.

– It is an emotional match for many of our players, so they want to be fully focused before the match in order to prepare as best as possible, Netavesin told.

In the lead-up to the match, none of the Glimt players with a history at TIL will appear for the media from Tromsø. The series leader stated on Monday afternoon that neither Gut Hellstrup, Justin Gundersen, August Mikkelsen, Runar Espejord nor Daniel Passé will be available for the rest of the press at all on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

– Due to the huge pressure towards the TIL match, the club has chosen to give the players involved Tuesday and Wednesday of this week off. The club stated in a press release that the remaining players in the group will be available to the press.

Lindblad fully understands that there are a lot of emotions involved and that things can be painful and difficult.

– But now it's been a long time since they moved from Tromsø to Glimt, and you have to let the journalists do their work. I think it is pointless to conduct such a boycott. It's counterproductive and destroys some of the structure. On the contrary, one must accept this rivalry and flare up a little before the match in a positive way.

Although Glimt's figures refuse to speak to the press before the match on a festive day of football, the Nordlys editor believes they will pose after the match.

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-I think they line up after the match. Then I think that both Glimt and they themselves realize that they have to do this and respond in the media in Tromsø. Then I expect them to stand up, Sivertsen says in conclusion.

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