-It's so cool

-It's so cool

TV 2 commentator Aslak Eriksrud (right) became deeply involved after reading a VG article about Christopher (9 years old), who is not allowed to play football with his friends. Photo: Halger Vagenis/TV2

Following VG's case about the overall rail crisis in Lorraine in Oslo, TV 2 political commentator Aslak Eriksrud launched a diatribe towards the capital's politicians.

In Nyhetskompaniet panel software on TV news 2 On Wednesday, he said the following after reading the story of nine-year-old Christopher, who is not allowed to play with his classmates:

-It's so cool. It's heartbreaking, says Aslak Eriksrud.

The TV 2 commentator says he has lived in Lorraine for 16 years, previously coached his daughter at Hasely Lorraine, and is now a coach of his ten-year-old son at the same club.

He points out that they are a popular club in one of the four districts in Grorodalen and that the district faces a number of challenges.

– Not least inclusion, which is high on the agenda when politicians deliver their celebratory speeches. But having kids with It is inclusion in practice. It's about more than just developing good players, like the next Odegaard or Haaland.

Eriksrud listed a number of factors such as friendship, social competence, language and integration in which football plays an important role.

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– I must say that Norwegian politicians have paid very little attention to this matter… For 16 years, I have kept my mouth shut publicly about this matter, because I have the role to play. But now is the time to do something about it.

TV 2's discussion on Wednesday follows VG's series of articles on the Divided Football City, which examines the big differences in football in Oslo.

  • On Tuesday, the topic was the Lorain area. There, the population has increased tenfold in the past 24 years.
  • The Sports Federation and the sports team have been warning and demanding more land for football for ten years. But there are still a few football fields there.
  • Therefore, admission to the club has been suspended for several batches in 2023 and 2024.
  • It's part of the story that the locals had one last hope. The Bama site is located directly next to the Hasle-Løren factory. It was the last large central municipal plot of land with an area of ​​more than 80,000 square metres. But last summer, the City Council adopted a zoning plan for that parcel of land without a new trail.

Eriksrud says on the show that he witnessed the food taking its toll on his body. His son's friends were among those who were rejected from joining organized activity.

The TV 2 commentator shakes his head at how housing development in the area will continue without new exercise areas for children and young people, and says he is “very disappointed in the previous two city councils”.

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However, Eriksrud wants to “allow the new city council, which has been sitting since the fall of 2023, to have a chance.”

KRF leader Olog Bolestad sat in on the same discussion. She also reacted strongly, and believes that green and recreational areas should be included in spatial planning in order to include children.

– It is about prevention, belonging, community, social competence, and being equal. It does not create alienation. But he is the one who has to stand outside, and the outside arises. And then we wonder why there is so much aggression, and why do people use their fists instead of their feet and play football? she asks.

-We have to believe that there should be football rings, football boxes, and walking areas in all plans in the urban area. It would be my pleasure. “I feel passionately here on behalf of Norwegian children,” says Bolestad.

Responding to intense criticism: Oslo City Councilor for Culture and Industry, Anita Lervik North (right), pictured here in relation to the VG report in November 2023. Photo: Frode Hansen / VG

The Conservative Advisor for Culture and Industry, Anita Lervik-North, was also invited to the discussion.

She told VG on Tuesday that they were in the process of finding a brand new location for the Løren/Økern area. They certainly should have found him in December.

As for TV 2, North was more specific on Wednesday: She said they are now looking at seven different parcels of land that could become potential Lorain Trails and for which they have budgeted money.

Eriksrud points out that the Bama site was in fact a “golden piece of land” and a place where the municipality had every opportunity to provide a new football stadium. He points out that it is a place where most children and young people can walk or bike.

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-I'm interested in the most important people here, the younger ones. Councilor North says: I agree that young children should have access to these facilities.

For your information and the record: TV 2 commentator Aslak Eriksrud is married to VG journalist Therese Reidar.

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