Train member Charlie Cullen has died

Train member Charlie Cullen has died

Colin lived 58 years. According to the mother, the musician died after falling in the bathroom.

Charlie Cullen, here from 2013. Photo: Getty Images

The guitarist helped create the popular rock band Train in the mid-1990s with Patrick Monahan, Rob Hotchkiss, Jimmy Stafford and Scott Underwood.

Wednesday writes TMZ Charlie Colin died after a tragic accident. Colin's sister also confirmed the death diverse.

The band posted a tribute to Colin on X:

-You are a legend, Charlie. They write, among other things, Go Take Your Angels' Pants Off.

To TMZ, Colleen's mother told The 58-Year-Old died after he slipped and fell in the bathroom while tending to a friend's house in Brussels, Belgium.

It is not clear exactly when the incident occurred, and it is said that Colin was not found until after his friend returned home five days ago.

Train members at the 2002 Grammy Awards, from left: Rob Hotchkiss, Charlie Cullen, Scott Underwood, Jamie Stafford and Patrick Monahan. Photo: Kevork Djanszyan/AP/NTB

According to his mother, Colin moved to Brussels, where he taught music at a conservatory. He also worked at a studio and completed the music for a film, she told TMZ.

Train achieved great success with their debut album “Train” in 1998 and had massive hits such as “Drops of Jupiter,” “Meet Virginia” and “Hey, Soul Sister.” Train won two Grammy Awards in 2002. Colin left the band in 2003.

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