Duchess Meghan’s podcast has ended

Duchess Meghan’s podcast has ended

Duchess Meghan (42) accordingly daily Mail I have now completely finished the “Archetypes” podcast. It only finished one season, before the deal with Spotify expired in June.

They appeared together after breakup rumors

It has since applied for a trademark for the name, apparently to no avail, and has now withdrawn the application.

In other words, there will be no second season of “Archetypes,” neither on Spotify nor on any other platform.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have reportedly contacted their lawyers after watching the latest episode of the animated comedy series South Park.
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The Duchess has struck a multi-million pound deal with the Swedish electricity giant. Breaching the agreement would have to be a mutual decision, which the Duchess and Spotify have agreed to.

However, sources claim to the Daily Mail that the deal was canceled because Meghan did not produce enough content.

He came late: - Sorry

He came late: – Sorry

So the Duchess has applied for a trademark on the name ‘Archetypes’, perhaps so she can take the concept to other streaming platforms. The application was withdrawn after 17 months during which the Duchess fought to protect the title.

bloomer: Many have reacted to the use of images in the trailer for Netflix’s documentary about Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. Video: Netflix/Dagbladet. Correspondent: Maja Wahlberg Kliff
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She doesn’t succeed in achieving this.

Whether or not the Duchess is starting an entirely new concept is currently unknown.

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