Premier League: A significant increase in the number of yellow cards – could come to Eliteserien

Premier League: A significant increase in the number of yellow cards – could come to Eliteserien

Yellow cards are being handed out in the East and West of the Premier League this season. This trend could also appear in Norwegian football.


– This is something we must pay close attention to and take with us until 2024, says NFF chief referee Terry Hauge to VG.

Ahead of this season, the Premier League announced it would severely punish protests against referees and unsporting behaviour. It resulted in 239 yellow cards in the first five rounds.

This represents an increase of 28.5 percent over the first five rounds of the 2022/23 season. Then they received 186 yellow cards.

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– I haven’t been keeping track of much, but 28 seems like a lot. If introduced into Norwegian football, the number 28 would seem like a lot, says referee Hauge.

– How is Norwegian football following this development?

European Football AssociationEuropean Football AssociationEuropean Football Association We have come up with very clear guidelines ahead of the international season. In Norway we have waited for the guidelines to be introduced. There are no new rules to the game, it’s just that everything has to be more stringent about it “Image of the game.”“Image of the game.”Protests against referee decisions, language, body language, and crowding around the referee.


Protests and crowding around referees in the Premier League have become a good application for a yellow card. Yellow cards in the Premier League also came as a result of extra time being extended and the time delay being tightened.

Captain Brann Seifert Hjeltne Nielsen and Vikings player Christopher Ljöckberg both expressed their positive stance on the tightening of regulations in Elitserien. But they both refer to the same thing: quarantine rules compared to the Premier League.

In Eliteserien, players must miss one match after four yellow cards. Then you have to stand on another yellow card at six and eight yellow cards.

– The Premier League cannot be compared to the Premier League when the quarantine rules are completely different. Quarantine in Norway requires very little. A yellow card in Norway is a bigger penalty for a player than in England, Hilten Nielsen tells VG.

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In England, a player is suspended after five yellow cards, while a player must miss two matches after receiving ten yellow cards. After half a season (19 games), the five-game limit is removed.

– If the list is compiled correctly, it is only positive for the referees, players, fans and everything. But I’m a little afraid that this list will not be consistent, and that will create frustration, Luckberg tells VG.

– A good list helps a lot?

– It helps a lot. Because then it becomes easier for players to deal with it over time and learn how to deal with it.

I hope that judges will eventually learn to a greater extent to distinguish between knee-jerk reactions and unnecessary whining or complaining.

Luckberg believes the suspension rules in Norway are already very strict. Even after it was “watered down” five years ago.

– If you were to also follow the English Premier League, which saw a 30% increase in the number of yellow cards, there would be very serious consequences in the end.

Hilten Nielsen has received four yellow cards after his first 11 league matches this year and converted the penalty in the match against Hamkam on 2 July. Voldingen also wants to make the rules more lenient.

– I think it’s appropriate for the audience that it can be a little difficult and that you can act a little difficult. It doesn’t mean you have to go to the referee, but you have to play hard and play teams with the best players more often than not. As much as possible is appropriate for the audience.

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One of Chelsea’s many new players, Nicholas Jackson, has already picked up four yellow cards in five matches. All the cards came as a result of everything other than sports.

For example, he received a yellow card several times He prays Judging that the opponent will get a card:

VG Løkberg and Heltne Nilsen ask who is in the danger zone if the direction of the Premier League is anything to go by in Norwegian football.

My colleague Zlatko Trebek would not agree, but he should have monitored his body language immediately, Luckberg replies.

– I am not afraid that this will affect me or anyone else. There aren’t many candidates for that, says Fire Captain Hiltne Nielsen.

Green numbers?  It depends on which eye sees, but there has been a significant increase in the number of red cards as well.  Eleven Reds were awarded this season.  At the same time last season, three awards were awarded.

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