The end for tens of thousands of Norwegians

The end for tens of thousands of Norwegians

Earlier this week, Apple released the latest version of iOS. The major 1OS 17 update introduces a number of new features for iPhone users, such as new calling cards, interactive widgets, new messaging features, and a new standby mode.

However, with every new version of iOS, Apple cuts support for older iPhone models.

iOS 17 is only compatible with iPhone Xs and later.

iOS 17: Top news

best seller

This year, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone

according to The newspaper online However, there are still many Norwegians who use these phones.

In particular, the iPhone 8 should be a popular phone in this country. It holds a solid 10th place in the list of the top 10 iPhones in the Telenor network, says Telenor’s press director, Anders Krokan.

– This means that there is a six-digit number of iPhone 8 left in the network, and we are talking about a few tens of thousands, says Anders Krokan to Nettavisen.

The iPhone 8 was the last Apple model with a physical home button.

A new function attracts attention

A new function attracts attention

Security will continue to be updated

Even though the iPhone 8 and Apple usually sends security updates to devices that end up on the legacy product list.

The end for tens of thousands of Norwegians

In this field, Apple is the best in its class. Earlier this year he wrote to benefit from The company offers security updates for mobile phones that are approximately ten years old.

Historically, Android has had a much worse reputation here, but fortunately improvements have been made in recent years. For example, Samsung has committed to four years of updates and five years of security updates on its latest Galaxy devices.

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