Haaland praises Solbakken’s plan: – I have to thank Ståle

Haaland praises Solbakken's plan: - I have to thank Ståle

Watch the highlights of Norway’s victory at the top!

It was a jubilant evening for Norway against Sweden at Friends Arena on the first day of Pentecost. Erling Braut Haaland scored Norway’s two goals in a 2-1 win. Jærbuen has now scored eleven goals in his last seven international matches.

– You can see after the match how comfortable she was and how great it was when I scored. it’s a wonderful feeling. It’s important to me. In the national team, there are so many expectations for you, me and my daughter. For this title in the Norwegian national team, Haaland tells TV 2, the Norwegian people deserve it.

How would you explain that Norway is now making better use of you?

– I have to thank Ståle over there. There is nothing else to say. He’s a nice guy.

– In what way did you arrange to shine?

I don’t think I will go into such details. I will keep that to myself.

Haaland: – It looks like filming, yeah

This is how Solbakken explains Haaland’s plan

However, Ståle Solbakken has been more open about Haaland’s plan than the main character herself.

– I relieve him of defensive work, so those in midfield five, they should have big lungs, because he takes a break or two. Solbakken explains to TV 2 that he should be allowed to do this until the maximum number of actions is ready.

In particular, the director of the national team was pleased with the movements of the striker in Friends Arena. The plan was executed somewhat to perfection.

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– He lies there all the time. He’s not much in the first half, but he’s just lying there waiting for the right ball. When he gets it, it’s dangerous every time. It’s almost a miracle that there was no hat-trick, says Solbakken, adding:

– You won’t find another player with this killer instinct and snub targets when starting, staying in the right rooms etc. There we have someone we hope to do that for us for many years. It is worth the gold for us.

Destroyer: Erling Braut Haaland scored twice against Sweden at Friends Arena. Photo: Frederic Farfgel

Haaland gave a clear message to Solbakken

The national team naturally celebrated the victory before turning away after the victory, and there Ståle Solbakken showed off a celebration in true Jurgen Klopp style as he fired a shot in the air in front of the Norway fans. However, the national team manager clarified that the celebration was not his own idea.

– It was Haaland who ordered me to do it. He wanted me to show emotion, so I had to do it, Solbakken tells TV 2 with a smile.

Celebrating with the fans: Erling Braut Haaland asked Ståle Solbakken to take his turn away after the 2-1 win over Sweden.  Photo: Frederic Farfgel

Celebrating with the fans: Erling Braut Haaland asked Ståle Solbakken to take his turn away after the 2-1 win over Sweden. Photo: Frederic Farfgel

Norway’s next match will be against Slovenia in Olival on June 9th. You can watch the match on TV 2 and playback from kl. 20.00.

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