– Half the road is smashed – VG

- Half the road is smashed - VG
50 tons: Here, Mayor Keer Verwick stands in front of the boulder that collapsed on E6 on Thursday. Police estimated that it fell from a height of 800 meters and weighed 50 tons.

On Thursday afternoon, a boulder weighing about 50 tons collapsed on a hill in Storfjord – right on the busy E6.


Four meters high, six meters long and two meters wide.

Mayor Khair Warwick is estimating the size of a rock that suddenly collapsed on a hill in Storfjord in Troms.

– There will be many, many tons in total. Absolutely solid, simply, Varvik tells Vijay on Thursday night.

– Very little to say that this is a large rock. He says parts of a cliff end up in the middle of the road.

According to the mayor, the cliff is separated from the rest of the area by a series of loose boulders. It thundered down, jumped across the road, wiped out some parts of the crash prevention, and ended up in the spring.

– In a few seconds it really went wrong. Today the road is incredibly congested. One can only imagine what would have happened, says Verwick.

The mayor jumped straight into the car after receiving a phone call from a colleague who heard the noise of the landslide.

The road on E6 is prone to landslides with steep hills, and there have been several landslides in the area before.

– Once again it went well and we should be happy that no one was hurt, he says.

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Roy Dormeyer, operations manager at the Drums Police District, estimates the stone is about 50 tons. He says the landslide may have been the result of rainfall and the rock may have split from the cliff at an altitude of 800 meters.

– The road connects northern Norway together, then he tells Viji that you can be glad no one went right.

According to Mayor Verwick, the road opened just before 11pm on Thursday night. Veitrafiksentralen says a lane is open for traffic and the geologist will conduct investigations at the site on Friday.

– It is clear that there is a job in front of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Verwick says half the lane is broken.

He believes climate change and mild weather have a lot to say about landslide risk in the region.

– A tunnel nearby was said to be even more dangerous. But for reasons we do not understand, these projects have been removed from the National Transportation Plan in the coming planning period. The mayor has insisted that we will not give up until it is.

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