Handball bathroom, Bojana Popović – Speech:

Handball bathroom, Bojana Popović – Speech:
  • Denmark – Montenegro 26-24 (13-10)
  • Semi-final Denmark – Norway Friday

Herning (Dagbladet): Denmark shook their pants in front of their fans in Herning on Wednesday evening. Montenegro was only two goals away from a handball shock.

At their head was the legendary coach and player Bojana Popović. He ruled the team with zeal, argued with the judges and raged against the delegates at Boxen in Herning. Last year she led Montenegro to a sensational bronze medal.

Angry again: – Embarrassing

– Then I will be punished

With her sleeves rolled up and fire in her eyes, she gracefully entered the post-match press conference where Dagbladet and Sweden’s Aftonbladet met to find out what was hidden beneath the champagne-soaked exterior.

– What do you think of the judges tonight? Asks an Aftonbladet correspondent.

– I don’t want to talk about them, then I will be punished, so you won’t get an answer to this question.

Team Friends: Norway’s Vjeld Ingstad and France’s Laura Glauser screamed together in the interview area after the World Cup group final. But it was all just nonsense. Photography: Beate Uma Dahli/NTB Video: Myhrvold Simensen/Skingen/Dagbladet TV sporten
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– I applauded the delegates. why did you do it? The Swedish correspondent follows.

– Because they had too much focus on our bench. We celebrated and they watched us. I made it clear that we just want to be part of the fight. I don’t see anything wrong with that. That’s how handball is, regardless of whether you’re on the court or on the bench.

Insomnia: - It is uncomfortable

Insomnia: – It is uncomfortable

– what’s the problem?

Popovich was angry that one of her players was sent off for two minutes for celebrating on the bench.

– I don’t know why they keep asking us to sit down. The Danish substitutes are celebrating too, which is completely normal for me. What is the joy of sitting on the seat as if it were a theater? she asks rhetorically.

He laughs: Norwegian women’s handball players are not convinced by the message sent to the press by the national team manager. Video: Myrvold Simensen/Skingen/Dagbladet TVsporten
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The verbal fighting continues.

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– I don’t understand those rules, believe me. I discussed with them and asked them, “What’s the problem?” If those are the rules, fine, but I don’t like it.

-Is this the case only today or were there several matches? asks Dagbladet.

– Almost every match.

The Star: - Difficult years

The Star: – Difficult years

-Is there any distinction between you and other teams?

– No, it’s the same for everyone. But they should give the girls a chance to celebrate, the coach answers in conclusion.

Aftonbladet asked Danish coach Jesper Jensen about his views on his fellow coach’s engagement.

Semi-final: Denmark coach Jasper Jensen.  Image: NTP

Semi-final: Denmark coach Jasper Jensen. Image: NTP
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– I will not comment on what happened on Bojana’s bench. I don’t look at their seats. It’s always risky to say you agree with Bojana, but I also like sentiment. I like that we celebrate and show emotion. It’s a lot of what supporters are looking for.

Netherlands responds

Netherlands responds

Norway next

On Friday, he will lead Denmark at home to a crowded Boxen against Norway in the World Cup semi-final. What his team showed on Wednesday night was nothing short of impressive.

– Is this enough to beat Norway?

– maybe. It’s about performance on Friday. Both teams have additional equipment to place. Norway has the ability to raise performance when needed. We have to do our best and see if it’s enough, Jensen responds to Dagbladet.

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