Rome was not built in one day

Rome was not built in one day

Municipal elections

Harstad Mayor Kari-Anne Opsahl (AFP) does not acknowledge criticism that the municipality has been poor in implementing the action plan on sexual and gender diversity.

– There is broad agreement in the municipal council that we must have a good LGBT policy and cooperate with the LGBT movement and Harstad Pride, says Harstad mayor, Kari-Anne Opsahl (AFP).

In Harstad, the Action Plan for Sexual and Gender Diversity 2020-2023 sets out the framework for LGBT+ action in the city. In an interview with Blake, Harstad Pride leader Jørn Johansen praised the action plan, but believes implementation is lacking.

Mayor Carrie Ann Opsal disagrees.

– I understand that Jørn Johansen’s job is to be impatient, but he should be more specific about what he thinks is in the action plan that has not been followed up, says the mayor to Blake.

According to Opsal, there is broad political agreement on the action plan, but the responsibility for implementing the measures lies with the municipal administration. She points out that the measures implemented are described in the municipality’s annual reports.

– Courses were held under the auspices of Rosa Competance among school and kindergarten workers. More work remains on health, care and elderly care services, but the room was not built in one day and we are working on it, says Opsal.

She points out that the municipality works closely with Harstad Pride and supports it financially.

– Among other things, this year we purchased rainbow banners for the city’s 33 lampposts so everyone knows we celebrate Pride. In addition, the municipality is holding an event where we paint the pedestrian crossing in rainbow colors.

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– There is broad agreement in the municipal council that we should have a good LGBT+ policy and cooperate with the Queer Movement and Harstad Pride. It is therefore important that the queer movement also be a driving force for promoting LGBT policy and ensuring the implementation of measures. Opsal points out that this is their job.

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