NOKAS THIEF DAVID TOSKA: That’s what he’s doing now

NOKAS THIEF DAVID TOSKA: That’s what he’s doing now

David Alexander Toska (48) is famous and infamous for his role in the deadly NOKAS robbery. In 2007, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for robbery, and was released on probation in 2018. Since then, he has been through many irons in the fire.

In 2022, he was appointed as a chess expert on TV 2, which many were quick to criticize.

The mystery that the police were unable to solve

Intrum’s marketing and communications director, Bunny Nooryani, was able to tell Se og Hør that they would no longer sponsor chess programs on TV 2 after it became clear that former Nokas thief David Toska (46) would act as a chess expert on the channel’s broadcasts.

“Using ex-convict David Tosca means the TV show will be associated with a dangerous act that still triggers bad memories for many. “We realize there are different views on giving Tosca such a TV role, but the associations it brings means we don’t want to put the Intrum name on the table. In chess programmes,” Nouriani told Se og Hør at the time.

Now, it is not chess news nor NOKAS news that occupies Tosca, but a new passion – programming.

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Code 24 He writes that Tosca has recently started a new life, working, among other things, as a professional developer and computer programmer.

Tosca is currently self-employed, where his main business is development. Among other things, he programmed solutions for various innovative projects of Helse Fonna. According to Kode24, it will work to find solutions that help people who suffer from language difficulties.

But the road here was not easy. He can also say that he wasn’t always interested in programming or development.

Tosca became a chess expert on TV 2

Tosca became a chess expert on TV 2

– not at all! I was completely illiterate in everything related to data. The last time I used some “computer stuff,” I got arrested, Tosca laughs — pointing out how he was arrested in 2005 by electronically tracing an email he sent from Spain, the website writes.

In 2015 he took a leave of absence. Society had changed then. Technology too. According to Tosca, he hardly knew what the app was. Installing software on a computer was completely new to him.

So how did he end up becoming a software developer?

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– What happened is that I got a bachelor’s degree in mathematics in prison. Then I was going to start my Masters when I got out. Then I had to take a programming subject, and I took a basic course in Python to enter the master’s. I thought I had to do something, and it was between the structural engineer and the computer engineer,” Tosca tells Kode24.

It turned out to be a small success story, and in the fall of 2015, he took his place on the school bench again. Tosca was then about 40 years old.

Imprisoned while studying

At this time, he did not have a regular job, and he tells the site that it took him a long time to feel like a normal citizen. Although he was now determined to ‘start over’, the road wanted it a little differently.

While studying, he was arrested again and sent back to prison.

-Emotionally and mentally destroyed

-Emotionally and mentally destroyed

There he began his new interest, and used every hour of the day to learn how to become a computer programmer. In the end, he succeeded greatly.

He now says he is enjoying his new career path very much, even if it is a little “quieter” than before.

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– It’s a much more “boring” life. But I’m very happy about it. I’m happy now, he tells the website.

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