June 10, 2023


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On the mini coronation of King Charles:

The coronation of King Charles (74) is fast approaching. In just over two weeks, the big day is here, bringing entertainers like Katy Perry, 38, and Lionel Richie, 73, to show off to the British monarch.

Breaking the silence: – He will not participate

Believe it or not, the coronation will be scaled back somewhat compared to previous coronations. It didn’t go well with everyone.

Harry Hope: The response to King Charles led to further speculation about the relationship between father and son. Video: Twitter.
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Television presenter GB newsEamonn Holmes is now raging against the British royal family for what he believes is “saving the crown”.

– This is nonsense! You look at who is invited and who is not.

Sarcasm: - We are doomed to death

Sarcasm: – We are doomed to death

This is what Holmes said during one of the broadcast breakfast sessions, and he points to the fact that Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson (63) was not invited to the coronation on May 6.

– That’s so stupid! What is the cost of her invitation? £100? This is not the only thing, it is foolish to save on the ears. It’s absurd, because we will remember this for years, Holmes continues.

documentary: Royal House expert Caroline Fagel explains what lies behind Meghan Markle’s statement when she said she was “given to wolves” by the media. Video: Dagbladet TV / Netflix
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Last year it became known that the coronation will be of a somewhat miniature type, he writes independent.

The reason is said to be soaring prices and the cost of living crisis in the country, which is said to have forced many British families to choose between heating and food.

Royal expert Charles Ray also points this out to Holmes, saying that Charles would not be seen as so lavish by the people.

for war: The Netflix documentary about Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan has received strong responses from several people. Royal family expert Caroline Fagel believes the series could be contributing to discord in the family. Reporter: Maja Wahlberg-Cliff
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He still thought the coronation would be a nice sign.

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– For many people in our country, this will be something they only experience once in their life.

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