March 23, 2023


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Did you notice this blunder in “The Last of Us”?

HBO’s new series, “The Last of Us,” has been captivating viewers around the world in recent weeks.

In this series, Earth is nearly wiped out by a parasitic fungus. The Cordyceps mushroom is often referred to as the “zombie mushroom”—because yes, it does exist, too, in Norway.

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Parasitic fungi actually settle in the insects and take control of their bodies. In “The Last of Us”, fungi have evolved to do the same to humans.

Many viewers watched with excitement when the sixth episode of the zombie adventure was released on the streaming service. This time, it’s true that many people have noticed details that probably wouldn’t be visible on camera.

mistake: In the third episode of the HBO series “House of the Dragon,” observant viewers discovered something that shouldn’t have been there. Video: HBO Max / “House of the Dragon”
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In one scene, where the main characters Joel (Pedro Pascal (47)) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey (19)) cross a snow-covered bridge in what is supposed to be a deserted area in the series, there are many mysteries. numbers in the picture.

Showing off his new girlfriend after the divorce

Showing off his new girlfriend after the divorce

Many have noticed, and videos of the scene in question abound on social media.

At the bottom of the corner it is possible to spot the film crew watching closely as Pascal and Ramsay cross the bridge.

Spiky: Rhys Ifans is known to many as Spikey on “Notting Hill,” but now he’s set to appear in the new big HBO project. Video: Red Runner / HBO / Universal Studios
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Great episode. Something you might want to fix and re-upload, just that. We can see the film crew in this clip,” one writes on Twitter. Also on TikTok, the scene is making its way to victory.

HBO writes has not yet commented on the matter daily Mail.

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This isn’t the first time there have been minor slips in detail on the HBO series. In 2019, there was quite a stir when what appeared to be a Starbucks coffee cup was centrally located in the episode “Game of Thrones.”

The story behind the scandalous video

The story behind the scandalous video

HBO reported a short time later that it was a mistake for the cup to be there, and the scene was later corrected to remove the much-discussed object.

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