Tommy Tokyo: – The Spielman winner died

Tommy Tokyo: - The Spielman winner died

Early today Tommy Lorange Ottosen (50), better known as Tommy Tokyo, died at St Olafs Hospital in Trondheim.

Since New Year’s Eve, he has been hospitalized awaiting a lung transplant, but unfortunately it came too late, according to reports. Nidaros Tuesday morning.

The news also confirms that Ottosen’s manager, Terry Pedersen, is on Facebook. He describes the musician as the most passionate person he has ever met.

There is no one with whom I discussed, argued, laughed, and cried. Tommy loved commitment, and in the situations we disagreed with, he was happy if I got angry and showed off emotional, which is what it was. One hundred percent real, among what Pedersen writes.

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Ottosen’s album “Smear Your Smiles Back on” was named Aftenposten’s 2008 album. It was also nominated for a Spellemann Award twice, winning in 2013 in the rock category with the album “And the Horse Came Riderless”.

Two years ago when the coronavirus broke out, Pedersen was already sick, but healthy enough to play and sing. With that, he was in the process of creating a double album in celebration of his 20th anniversary as an artist.

– We recorded this album with producer Goran Greni, and this morning, around the time of his death, Kai Andersen sent out his last mix. Quoting another highly respected artist Tommy was, Ann the Great Prius: – The world is fundamentally unfair!

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In conclusion, Pedersen wrote the following in the post:

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The man of honor is gone. This is very sad. Let us honor his memory.

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