culture, young culture meets | – We’ll take it all the way

culture, young culture meets |  – We’ll take it all the way

– We are very much looking forward to it. It’s the first year we can get away with everything after so long with coronavirus, says Emily Moen, director of public relations.

For young people, including them

it continues:

– UKM’s desire to take part in the Festival of Culture with us is very great. We work with the same target group and want to create a festival for youth, for youth, for youth! All you have to do is be happy!


The Music, Dance and Drama Department of Halden High School is once again organizing the cultural festival BomKræsjBang.

The third class is mainly responsible for production.

The festival was held for the first time in 2004.

This is an annual cultural festival where students and teachers work on calligraphy together
With many local cultural organizers.


On Saturday, there will be a kickoff in Skovabriken. There is also a winter exhibition in the Kulturhuset, as well as screenings of films that won Oscars in cinema. This applies to both Saturday and Sunday.

A little bit of everything

On Sunday, there’s a songwriting course with Patrick “Pats” Nichols in Block F at Halden High School and a concert with Tistedalens Musikforening on the Aladdin Theatre.

Monday: studio course with André Viervoll in F-blokka to Halden vgs.

On Tuesdays there is a writer’s meeting with Ann Elvidal at the library in Skovabriken, Game Night at the Volunteer Center and a theater show with vg3 drama. “We can’t just talk about it” in F-blokka Halden vgs’ black box.

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On Wednesdays, there is a children’s show with drama and music from grade 1 in the library in Skofabrikken. In the evenings there is a classical concert with music, dance and drama. It’s called “acoustic pearls” in the acoustic lounge at F-blokka Halden vgs. , as well as the Open Stage at Rockehuset.

On Thursdays, there is another children’s show with music and drama from Grade 1 at the library in Skovabriken. Another stage show with a second-rate drama is called “Illyria” in Black Box F-blokka Halden grade. A “Rock and Pop” party with music, dance and drama at Black Box, Conservative.

Friday: the third day with a children’s show at the Skovabriken Library. In the evening you are invited to ‘Illyria’ – with vg2 drama in Black Box F-blokka to Halden vgs. In the Brygga Cultural Hall, a Lan party is organized for the age group from 12 to 20 years old.

Saturday: the language of the street

Sunday: UKM Halden & Aremark at Brygga Culture Hall.

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