Waffle Against Muslim Hatred | exclamation

Waffle Against Muslim Hatred |  exclamation

Photo: ICC Alna

ICC Alna in Haugerud held an open mosque day for neighbors and served waffles during the UN Day Against Islamophobia.


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The purpose of the event was to have a dialogue, where the attendees were given a short walk around, asking questions and greeting people at ICC Alna.

For ICC’s new “ANA” Chairman, Arshad Jamil, dialogue with others is something that strengthens his religious identity.

– I’m afraid we’ll have dialogue at all levels. Religious leaders have conducted good dialogue for many years, and now is the time to conduct dialogue also at the grassroots level. For us, this is a neighborhood blueprint, where people can come and have a nice conversation. When people meet people, we become more trusting of each other and fight back against prejudices, he says to Utterup.

Waffles and coffee

Good mood, coffee and pancakes were important ingredients during the celebration at ICC Alna. According to him, as many as 30-40 hit the mark.

Pancakes and coffee were served during the event (Photo: ICC Alna).

picture :
ICC Alna

– We set up a small exhibition, and we set up a room with video clips and a room with Quran recitation and adhan that people can sit and listen to. But the most important thing is that visitors can ask questions about anything.

How did you address questions about Islamophobia?

It is important for people to meet other people. The fact that we open our doors and invite our neighbors is itself a preventive measure against Islamophobia. Although Muslim leaders have had more or less success for 30 years now, reports from the HL Center nonetheless show that hatred of Muslims in Norway is on the rise.

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Talk about the reasons

Jamil says it is also important to talk about the causes of Islamophobia in Norway.

– We will probably not find a simple answer to this. For me and the third generation of Muslims in Norway, it is important that we feel represented by our elected representatives. Therefore, I demand a comprehensive account of our elected representatives.

According to him, many people are doing a good job, but he still feels that the elected officials do not speak for the Muslims of Norway.

– The elected representatives must get better at this so that Norwegian Muslims, who feel mutual pressure and are subject to identity challenges, feel part of this community. It is important to face alienation.

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