Hauge central as Eintracht Frankfurt win the Europa League final – VG

Hauge central as Eintracht Frankfurt win the Europa League final - VG

(Eintracht Frankfurt-West Ham 1-0, 3-1 overall) Jens-Peter Haug (22) played right from the start when Eintracht Frankfurt reached the Europa League final against Scottish Rangers. It was the Norwegian who was sent off when West Ham received an early red card.


– I kicked the ball back towards the ball boy. I’m sorry, but he threw it too loosely, West Ham coach David Moyes told BT Sports after the match.

But the 59-year-old’s behavior when receiving a red card in the final minutes seemed like an overreaction. He was a few centimeters away from the boy hitting the ball in the back of his head when he thundered the ball hard against the ball boy as if with his back to two.

It is very likely that this would have repercussions for the experienced manager who was not happy with the judges when he slipped last place.

– We enjoyed being in the tournament, but I’m not sure if we enjoyed the referee.

– I’m really proud of the players and the way they played with 10 was great. Other teams would have collapsed and lost by two or three teams. The guys here are amazing. Praised strong boys, Scots.

Center: Jens discusses Peter Hauge with David Moyes as West Ham manager receives a red card from referee Jesus Gil Manzano.

Measure from the start

Hauge got the chance right from the start in his second game in a row as Denmark’s Jesper Lindstrøm misses through injury. This was the eleventh time he had played a draw this season, and for the third time in the European League.

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Then the 22-year-old got a very central role in the drama, which unfolded in front of 52,000 spectators in Frankfurt.

After 18 minutes, Hauge was played to the front and was going forward on his own when he crossed the end in a duel with West Ham linebacker Aaron Cresswell. Referee Jesus Gil Manzano initially awarded a free kick and a yellow card, but after studying the VAR photos, he drew the red card.

I do not agree to the expulsion

It’s really a red card,” said Pål André Helland at Studio Viaplay.

But fellow studio Eric Buck did not agree.

– I think it’s cheap. It’s there, Buck said before Hyland replied, “but I think it’s cheap.”

– I want a red card there ten times out of ten. If I make an honest attempt to take the ball, it’s not a red card, but it’s not an honest attempt with those hands out there,” Hyland said.

Gallery: Aaron Cresswell catches Jens Petter Hauge and eventually gets a red card at the start of the match.

It’s a tough duel and I’m trying to use my body as best I can and move on. I haven’t watched it again, so it’s hard for me to say if it’s true or not. Hauge himself said about the situation when Viaplay questioned him after the match, but when he explodes for the first time, it’s only natural for me to think it should also be a red card.

West Ham captain Declan Rice thought the dismissal was correct, but was generally unhappy with referee Manzano.

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– The red card was a good decision when you look at it. But none of the referee’s decisions seem to be working in our favour. The referee seems to be judging them, and when you have someone against you there isn’t much to do, the star midfielder complained according to BT Sports.

With ten men and 1-2 in the first game, it was very difficult for West Ham. And it was only going to get worse, because just minutes after the expulsion, the result came.

Ansgar Knauf set up and pushed Rafael Bure 1-0 from eight metres. That was the only goal of the match, and even if West Ham had two useful chances, it would never have been exciting. Until then, the hosts had been in good control of the Premier League team. Tomas Sucic headed off the field from close range in the final seconds, but a potential goal then would have been too late to cause trouble.

break into the course

Towards the end of the match, it got too boisterous, and Moyes was sent to the stands when he simply lost his temper on the sidelines. Hauge was near Moyes when he received the red card.

Watch the wild scenes from the train storm in Frankfurt:

Five minutes later, Hauge was replaced by what looked like a convulsion. The final will be held in Seville on May 18, and the opponent is the Scottish Rangers, who won 3-1 at home against Leipzig and 3-2 overall.

Eintracht Frankfurt fans gleefully stormed the field as the final whistle blew, and unbridled chanting could create a problem for the Bundesliga club. The fans of the two teams clashed before the match, and a large police force was present in its place without being able to prevent the stadium storm.

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42 years after the last European final, Eintracht Frankfurt got another chance. In the 1980 UEFA Cup Final, the team lost 2-3 to Borussia Mönchengladbach. The team reached the semi-finals of the European League three years ago, but then lost to Chelsea with a penalty kick.

note! The winner of the Europa League final qualifies for the Champions League next season. Eintracht Frankfurt is 11th in the Bundesliga, and has no chance of securing Champions League matches across the league.

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