Hauge took action after long-running problems:

Hauge took action after long-running problems:

The first glimpse of improvement really came in the cup match against Cercle Brugge in midweek.

Bodøværingen came off the bench and was responsible for a goal-scoring pass, which was crucial to Gent’s promotion.

On Christmas Eve, he made his first league start for Gent.

It was nice to have the chance again. It was a period of good training to prove you’re good enough, says Hauge to TV 2 in the catacombs of the Ghelamco Arena after a 0-0 draw in ‘Norwegian”s game against Standard Liège.

TOK GREP: Jens Petter Hauge took the time to tell TV 2 about his life in Belgium. Photo: Rasmus Lie/TV 2

put out

It’s quick to add:

– But there is still a way to go into the starting line-up every week.

– What is missing?

Recall some of what defines me as a player: driving with the ball, my movement and X-factors.

That is part of the reason why AC Milan is looking to secure the services of the Norwegian again October 2020.

But after switching to German football the following year, there was little to be happy about.

The innocent physical duel might have some blame for that. Back on April 2, 2022, when Hauge was a player for Eintracht Frankfurt, things went wrong in a match against Greuter Fürth.

In an innocent duel with opponent Marco Mayrhofer, he was unlucky and fell on him with his full weight.

This resulted in a broken ankle for the German. And a shaky Norwegian.

– It was uncomfortable. Not least because you deny him the privilege of playing football every day. Everyone knows it was an accident, and things like that can happen in football. I spoke to him several times after that. Good to see him back on the field. It was a disgusting experience, says Hauge.

DUEL: In the Conference League, where Gent met Molde, among others, Hauge played relatively a lot.  Photo: Jonathan Nakstrand/BILDBYRÅN

DUEL: In the Conference League, where Gent met Molde, among others, Hauge played relatively a lot. Photo: Jonathan Nakstrand/BILDBYRÅN

Same doctor as Modric

Since then, Hauge has been loaned out to AA Gent. It also backfired there. Hauge sought the advice of Dr. Domenico Gorzi, and allowed himself to be treated during a restroom break.

The former Reggina and Den Haag player has made a name for himself treating footballers who struggle both physically and mentally.

Among those said to have visited him: Luka Modric.

In an interview with Hit Newsblade He tells the Italian why he is receiving a visit from Hauge.

Jens Petter didn’t dare complete the dribble because he was afraid of breaking his leg. Moreover, he didn’t want to risk harming anyone. He says he was physically and mentally blocked.

Much of the treatment has been done in the field, Gorzi said. With the turping in the fencing stages outside in the soccer field.

– I went there to work on things I need to work on. It deals with therapy that makes you feel freer and more relaxed. You are not that nervous. It works very well, Hauge describes.

He admits that he has been walking through the valley of waves both physically and mentally.

– There were problems with my body. It was for a long time. It wasn’t mobile and things like that. It’s only when you’re not playing and you feel a little heavier in everyday life, he says and continues, that you focus on it:

When you feel that you are not getting what you are capable of, you ask yourself a lot of questions. Why, what and how we solve things. It’s weird. He is used to doing things better. You are easy and free in your step.

Hauge already knows a noticeable difference:

– You have already noticed that the body has begun to work more as it should. hard to explain. You feel light and free after he treats me.

A functioning body will come in handy for Ghent, who is chasing Europe.

– Let’s hope that it will continue in the same way after the New Year, while only getting stronger. He hasn’t played much this season, but we expect to see more of him, says Gent manager Hein Vanheisbrouck.

Expect more: Gent coach Hein Vanheisbrouck.  Photo: Jonathan Nakstrand/BILDBYRÅN

Expect more: Gent coach Hein Vanheisbrouck. Photo: Jonathan Nakstrand/BILDBYRÅN

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