– He is an enemy of the state – VG

- He is an enemy of the state - VG
Return: From the podium in Pennsylvania, Trump said the FBI investigation would lead to a backlash “that no one’s seen before.”

Donald Trump said in a speech on Saturday that the threat to democracy comes from the radical left. At the same time, he warned of a strong backlash after the FBI searched his house.


Saturday’s rally in Pennsylvania was former President Donald Trump’s first public appearance since the Aug. 8 FBI investigation.

Here he gave a speech to his supporters.

Trump said the threat to democracy comes from the radical left, not the right.

Biden: Taking the United States back in time

Trump’s speech came just days after President Joe Biden delivered a speech accusing Trump and his supporters For her desire to restore America in time.

Back in the United States, Biden said Thursday, there is no right to an abortion, no right to privacy, no right to contraception, no right to marry the person you love.

Biden said that Donald Trump and the Maga Republicans support extremism that threatens the foundations of our republic.

MAGA (Make America Great Again) is Trump’s slogan.

Saab: US President Joe Biden warned in his speech Thursday about what he believes are undemocratic forces among supporters of former President Donald Trump.

On Saturday, Trump said it was the most vicious, hateful and divisive speech ever delivered by a US president.

– He is an enemy of the state. You should know that, Trump said.

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predicts a strong reaction

The background data is the FBI’s search for Trump’s drug in Mar-a-Lago, Florida last month.

According to the Washington Post, the research background should be, among other things, a Suspected that Donald Trump kept secret documents About nuclear weapons in his house.

Here they found more than 20 boxes containing 11 sets of secret government documents Which Trump took with him when he left the White House. Some of them are marked as top secret and therefore should only be accessed in private public buildings.

From the podium in Pennsylvania, Trump said the research would lead to a backlash “that no one’s seen before.”

He claims that the Biden administration oversaw the research, which would have violated rules ensuring that the FBI acted independently of the White House.

The White House said Biden was not involved in the case.

Lawsuit after search

trump Filed a lawsuit last month after The FBI search, requesting that the FBI be temporarily barred from reviewing materials seized from his Florida home until a “special master” is appointed to review the evidence.

In US law, a “private tutor” is a dependent official appointed by a judge.

In new court documents, the US Department of Justice firmly opposes the lawsuit In 23 pages long Court document.

They also go out with that First public photos From the captured piles.

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