He played a police officer

He played a police officer

The police in Trendelagh themselves were called in to “test” the woman, who was clearly intoxicated.

The police in Trøndelag reported a somewhat special operation in the municipality of Meråker last night. A report came in at 2350 about a woman standing at the Fonfell Hotel waving at cars.

– The woman pretends to be a police officer wearing a yellow reflective vest, a flashlight and a breathalyzer.

What happened when the police reached the spot:

– A woman in a yellow reflective vest waved a patrolling policeman over for a check-up.

Police say an intoxicated woman in her 40s has been ordered off the road for the next several hours.

VG catches up with operations manager Anlaug Oseid shortly after the “verification” at Meråker. She says a passer-by reported it.

– He saw the woman with a reflective vest, a flashlight and a breathalyzer. He told the police that the woman posing as a police officer asked the pirate if he drove the taxi.

– He was a little suspicious and worried about the girl who, according to him, could not stand on her own two feet.

The police were busy with another mission, but when they arrived at the scene two hours later, it was still “under control”. She was taken care of and removed from the road.

– It could have been dangerous in transit, probably for her, Osid says.

The woman was alone in the place and was not part of either a party or a hen party.

– All the good ideas you get when you're drunk aren't funny when you're sober, laughs Ozit.

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It ended well in Merakar, and both the woman and the officers continued the night without anyone on the roll.

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