He raises his eyebrows

He raises his eyebrows

One Housing advertisement From Walsall in England is going viral on the internet for his creative bathroom interior design – inside we find an unexpected surprise.

The seemingly ordinary family home was sold for around NOK 6.6 million and contains, among other things, six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a wine cellar and an annex.

In this video you can see photos of the most expensive houses in Norway, which were sold last year. Video: Ola Stromann and Lars Eivind Pons / Dagbladet
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But one of the pigeons shocked with its unusual design, Jam Press news agency reported.

Three in the bathroom!

In the appendix you will find a huge tree growing on the ground!

In the listing for the property, the broker wrote that the attached bathroom is equipped with a toilet, sink, ceiling lights and smart speakers. And of course the tree:

– A very rare and distinctive feature of the bathhouse is a tree growing across the floor and through one of the walls – around which the summer house is being built, writes the broker in the ad.

Police warn: – Don’t do it

To add to the unusual interior selection, the owners also laid artificial grass on the floor to match the tree.

The house is being sold by estate agent Andrew Downing Booth.

– Completely hopeless

Previously, Dagbladet wrote about another creative bathroom solution that sparked great reactions.

What is inside an avocado? The myth is that there are more avocados inside the stone. We have verified that. Video: Jenny Emily Ass
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The house is centrally located in the village of Barrow in England. The house itself looks very attractive in itself, until you can see the toilet bowl in the master bedroom, according to Jam Press.

In the master bedroom, there is one detail that attracts attention.

– This is absolutely hopeless, writes a man searching for a house in his social media after seeing the ad.

The bedroom has a single toilet at one end of the room – with a full view of the bed.

Read the full case here:

Critics praise: - Completely hopeless

Critics praise: – Completely hopeless

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