– He said I’m going to die – VG

- He said I'm going to die - VG
Nürburg: An aerial view of a mine pit in Sweden’s municipality of Nuremberg, where the woman is said to have been for more than 31 hours, according to Aftonbladet.

A man accused of aggravated rape and attempted murder. A little earlier, he was said to have asked the woman if she was going to marry.


On April 22, I became a woman It was found in a mine at a depth of 24 meters in the municipality of Nürburg, Sweden. A man has been charged, after he allegedly raped the woman for the first time and then pushed her down a mine shaft, police write on website.

The rape took place in a secluded and dangerous place from which the woman had no opportunity to leave. Therefore, I think the crime should be assessed as serious. Then he abused her again and pushed her into a mine pit, and she had no way out of it. She spent about a day in the mine pit, and it was a coincidence that she was found and could be rescued, Prosecutor Anne-Sophie Trussing said in a police press release.

Aftonbladet It reports that the woman was in the mine pit for 31 hours and 20 minutes.

24 meters deep: When the woman was found, she had a broken arm, wishbone, and ribs.

found by chance

Before the man pushed the woman into the hole, he allegedly killed his ex-wife. This according to the woman who offended, writes Aftonbladet.

– He said I would die in the pit, the woman said in an interview, according to the report Express.

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When the woman was at the bottom of the column, the man was said to have thrown bricks at her, according to a court document that VG had access to.

Rescue measure: The man is said to have hit the woman several times in the face and body, as stated in a court document that VG had access to. The photo was taken by a firefighter who participated in the rescue operation.

Expressen writes about a man who was outside with his children to look at the rubble and mines the day after the woman was said to have been pushed into the hole, when he suddenly heard screams for help.

Expressen also wrote that the passing man found the woman who was later pulled out of the hole with the help of a helicopter and took her to the hospital.

When the woman was found, she was cold and bruised, and her arm, collarbone and ribs were broken, the court document states.

Watch a video of the rescue operation on April 22:

In response to a question if they will marry

Expressen writes that the woman and the man met when they lived in the same asylum reception centre. The man is said to have spoken several times about his desire to marry her.

On April 21, a day before the woman was found in the mine pit, the man went to visit the woman, after which they headed together towards Örebro, Expressen writes.

The accident must have occurred in the municipality of Nuremberg in Sweden:

Moreover, the newspaper wrote that the woman thought she was on her way to Örebro to fix her internet, but instead, the drive went down a secluded forest road.

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There, the man asked if they would marry, even if they weren’t supposed to have an affair. The man then accused her of adultery, and the woman allegedly opened the car door and tried to escape. Expressen writes that the woman was arrested again and then raped.

The newspaper reported that the man in question is in his forties.

Reverse SVT The state attorney said she had assessed the state of the evidence to the extent that there were sufficient grounds to prosecute, and therefore on September 15 she prosecuted the man in the case.

Documents from the district court show that the man was previously convicted of several offenses, including drug offenses and dangerous illegal driving, Aftonbladet wrote.

Rescue procedure: Here is the rescue helicopter at work after the woman was found in a 24m deep mine well in the municipality of Nürburg, Sweden.

Watch the video from when passengers had to evacuate from Stena Scandica in the Baltic Sea:

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