-He wanted complete control

-He wanted complete control

In a lawsuit, the Tesla founder, the world's richest individual, attacked OpenAI, the artificial intelligence company he himself was involved in in the early years.

He claims the AI ​​company has breached an agreement requiring OpenAi's technological innovations to be made available to the public.

Musk co-founded Open AI in 2015, and claims this was the management team's plan. Musk says the plan is now on hold because Microsoft bought it.

Microsoft, which competes with Apple for the title of the most valuable company in the world, has pumped more than $13 billion into OpenAI and today owns 49 percent of the artificial intelligence company.

Musk believes that Open AI has moved away from the plan to become open software, and instead become a wholly subsidiary of Microsoft.

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-He wanted to have all the control

But Open AI responds. In a blog cited in Financial Times Elon Musk himself also wanted Open Ai to become fully commercial, the other founders of the AI ​​company wrote.

There was only one condition – that he own at least half of the company himself, and thus have complete control.

Not only that, it also called for raising $1 billion, ten times what OpenAI itself had proposed, its founders claim A blog post published on Tuesday evening.

OpenAI founders Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, and Ilya Sutskever wrote that Musk was actually the person most eager to raise billions for the company:

When OpenAi was founded in late 2015, Greg and Sam initially planned to raise $100 million. But in an email, Elon wrote: “We have to go much higher than $100 million… I think we should say “We are starting with an investment commitment of $1 billion.”

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Furthermore, they write:

“OpenAI's original non-profit structure precluded the ability to raise money from traditional investors. Given the high cost of building AI tools, this has become an obstacle to realizing the ambition of developing cutting-edge AI 'for the benefit of humanity.'

At the end of 2017, the decision was made to create a “for-profit” business structure. Elon Musk was present at the notes, and made demands, as the founders wrote in the blog:

“Elon wanted majority ownership and control of the board and the CEO role. In the midst of these discussions, he withheld his own funding. We did not agree on the terms of the business model with Elon. We felt it conflicted with the company's vision of giving an individual complete control of OpenAI. “

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– OpenAi is required in Tesla

Musk then proposed merging OpenAI with Tesla. It happened in February 2018, as the OpenAI founders wrote:

Elon sent us an email suggesting that OpenAI could be “tied to Tesla as a money machine.”

Since then, OpenAI has become a driver of the AI ​​sector, with annual revenues of more than $2 billion. KI's market capitalization should now be around $80 billion, or around 800 billion kroner, the Financial Times writes.

At the same time, there was a lot of chaos in management and Sam Altman, who was fired first, was reinstated in November 2023. Musk left OpenAi in 2018 and started his own long-standing AI project, xAI.

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