June 8, 2023


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He was tried against Maguire after being identified online:

He was tried against Maguire after being identified online:

Harry Maguire’s team has clearly decided to rely on counter-attacks in today’s match. Ex-Manchester United captain Roy Keane made all the plugs turn.

(England-Albania 5-0) There has been a storm around Manchester United captain Harry Maguire (28) in recent weeks. On Friday, he responded by scoring a goal as England beat Albania. But the midfielder was not impressed by everyone.


Many have pointed to Maguire’s weakness as one of the main problems for Manchester United in crisis recently. After Maguire, who became the world’s most expensive defender in 2019, returned from injury, he never delivered the goods.

Tonight’s international match against Albania was nonetheless a long-awaited bright spot for the Englishman. Barely ten minutes were played when Maguire was put on top of the post which was well beaten on the field to 1-0.

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Maguire celebrated by inserting his fingers into his ears, possibly to indicate he was “forbidding criticism”. She didn’t fall into good soil at all with everyone. Former Manchester United captain and current Sky expert Roy Keane, He hasn’t been kind to Maguire lately.

Maguire finished the celebration with his fingers in his ears and slid onto his knees.

Tonight also came with a powerful shot in the direction of Maguire.

He thinks he silences critics. I think this is embarrassing. He’s been a disgrace to Manchester United in recent months, then he thinks he put the box in place by scoring tonight. It’s embarrassing, whispers Ken in Skye’s studio.

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Roy Keane has been vocal in his criticism of Harry Maguire lately.

Later in the round, Harry Kane, who also struggled this fall, doubled it 2-0 for the Three Lions. Jordan Henderson continued the ball 3-0. Ten minutes before the break, Kane increased to 4-0.

The same man secured a hat-trick with an acrobatic gem for a goal just before the end of the first half. A perfect triple with a left leg goal, one with the right and one with the header. 5-0.

Harry Kane kept this bonus up to 5-0.

With these goals, Garth Saouthgate’s men became historic. Never before has an English national team scored so many goals in a calendar year. The previous record was set in 1908 and was 39. This year’s edition has so far recorded 42.

Kane also became the England national team’s top scorer in counting matches. He is now 39 years old.

The second half did not include any goals, and thus ended with a 5-0 score against the hosts at Wembley. Thus, the English language leads the first group with 23 points, three points behind the table runner-up Poland.

Other notable results Friday night:

Italy – Switzerland 1-1

Denmark – Faroe Islands 2-1