May 28, 2023


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Corona, globin | Outbreak continues in Globin – 4 new infections

All infected people are in close contact, and have a known route of infection.

In the past 24 hours, four new cases of corona were recorded in the municipality of Globin. This was stated by the municipality in a press release.

All infected people are in close contact, and have a known route of infection. Three of the injured are linked to the Mina Kindergarten in Sandan.

With the new infections, there are now a total of 77 people with coronavirus in Globin since the outbreak began at the end of October.

Gloppen Municipality is now moving away from a control strategy, and moving to a control strategy. This means that the residents of the municipality have to agree to live with a higher infection rate in the population.

Chief Municipal Doctor Benny Osterby Hansen wrote that one could go back to normal weekdays if as many people as possible were vaccinated against the coronavirus, followed infection control recommendations, stayed home when one was sick, and tested for symptoms.

If you become infected, go to isolation and contact the infection tracking team. One should also contact close contacts in case of a positive test.

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