– Day of Joy – Greater Oslo

– Day of Joy – Greater Oslo

White and gold balloons hang on the walls, large festive costumes and decorated tables at Romano Khair, the Roma culture and resource center in Oslo's Manglerud.

On stage there are artists who have traveled to Manglerud from Hungary and several other countries.

– This is a very big celebration, a day of joy, says Safira Joseph, who is here to celebrate this day with friends and family.

TOGETHER: Norwegian Chambers is a close-knit group that supports each other, says Savera Joseph. She and her son Feliciano are looking forward to celebrating with them tonight.

Photo: Bard Navstad

In honor of culture, way of life and history

Since 1990, the Romans have made April 8 their day.

This date commemorates the First International World Space Conference, held in London in April 1971.

This day is a tribute to their culture, lifestyle and history.

In Norway, the Roma have national minority status, just like the Kvens, Jews, forest chiefs and Romani people.

Oslo City Hall with flag of Rome

Oslo City Hall: Outside Oslo City Hall, the space flag was raised at the top on Monday.

Photo: Romano Khair – Roma Culture and Resource Centre

Norway is still not used to the Roma people

But it's not all about parties and fun. There are also bad memories, heavy histories, and difficult experiences of mistreatment – ​​to this day.

– The most important thing for me is to show that Norway to this day does not show that they are accustomed to the Roma people. We grew up here and have lived here all our lives, yet we don't trust the Norwegian environment. “We are not treated properly,” says Johannes Andreas.

– It's very disappointing, he says.

Johannes Andreas

Thoughts: It's nice to celebrate, but it's also important to remember everything that happened, says Johannes Andreas.

Photo: Bard Navstad/NRK

Safira Joseph agrees.

– She says that Norway knows very little about the identity of the Norwegian Roma.

This day becomes more important.

A celebration like this becomes a break from everything one experiences in society. “It's very special to have a happy day like that and not think about anything else,” she says.

Important day

Romano Khair means Roman House in Romanian, the language of the Romans. The center was opened in 2018 and has become an important meeting point for Roma in Norway.

Space day

Music: There is loud music and many are drawn to the dance floor.

Photo: Bard Navstad

– There are not many of us, there are only about 400-700 Roma in Norway, says Joseph.

She believes that coming together and lifting each other up helps protect the culture.

– Keeping up with the language, being with the family and promoting unity is important. “This is a very special celebration, a big day of celebration,” she says.

Space day

Good atmosphere: full house and full party.

Photo: Bard Navstad

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