We're not a bunch of “mean girls,” as Line Andersen says

We're not a bunch of “mean girls,” as Line Andersen says

RThe concept of the real-life “The Game” on TV 2 has generated a lot of interest recently.

Many participants had their passports authenticated based on the choices they made along the way.

Elizabeth (50) trained nine years younger in four weeks: – She went down a pant size

Danby Choi for apparently voting for Annette Huff in the first episode – and Ida Elise Bruch for voting for Martine Lundy, after promising her team to vote nothing.

Gets strong feedback:

Gets strong reactions: “Your Judas”

However, many of the participants themselves reacted to how creative they thought the production was.

Another clear narrative in the program is that while chaos and intrigue reign supreme upstairs, kindness and team spirit prevail among the players downstairs.

Siamese twins Abby and Brittany Hensel have been keeping out of the limelight for a long time after their TLC reality series of the same name ended in 2012. And now Abby is secretly married.
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But the atmosphere upstairs was much better than what was shown on TV, says Line Andersen, 50.

– This could be the move they made (production, journ.anm.) until the participants came back downstairs. Now we hope that will be the case a little bit in the future. “Because it was also nice to be upstairs,” Andersen says in an interview. TV 2.

- He was very depressed

– He was very depressed

Andersen previously worked as a presenter for a number of years on NRK, Sport.

She now works with management communications at Nucleues as a Senior Associate Consultant.

In “The Game”, Andersen is shown to be a very strong player, and has entered into alliances with several girls, including Martha Levstad, Ida Elise Bruch, and Victoria Shaw.

She believes that such cooperation between girls is rarely seen in reality shows.

– Upstairs you see a very strong alliance of girls. So we hope we are portrayed as smart, supportive, strong women – not as a bunch of “mean girls.”

Reveals a new job

Reveals a new job

Although Andersen isn't always aware of how she's being filmed, she was first and foremost impressed by the show's editing — which has now been nominated in the Clip of the Year category at the Television Industry's Golden Road Awards in May.

– Well deserved. For those who made the cut for that program, that team… they're absolutely insanely good! We wondered what he would look like when we got home and couldn't imagine how fat he would be – ever. “Congratulations to them,” Andersen tells TV 2.

- Fear of having children alone

– Fear of having children alone

When KK calls for further comment, Line Andersen is on vacation in Gran Canaria and in full swing with a training session.

She gasped, wanting to emphasize that good friendships had also been made upstairs.

– Upstairs, we were very worried about taking care of each other, because we understood that this was a game aimed at tearing us apart. We realized that we had to ally ourselves to be able to stand up to this pressure.

– We played the game, and we can completely agree on that. But in the midst of this, there is a group of girls who look out for each other, as Line Andersen confirms to KK.

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