Hedda Prize 2023 for “Semper Eadem” and “Romeo and Juliet” • ballade.no

Hedda Prize 2023 for “Semper Eadem” and “Romeo and Juliet” • ballade.no

The Hedda Prize 2023 was awarded at the Norwegian Theater in Oslo on Sunday evening.

Singer, composer and actress Mimi Tampa released the album Semper Adam in January 2020. Three years later, the critically acclaimed musical was presented at Det Norsk Teatret in the concert performance of the same title, directed by dancer, choreographer and actress Belinda Brazza.

On Sunday evening, the production won the “Hada” Award for Best Musical Theater Performance. Describing the performance as delicate, powerful and beautiful, the jury praises the picturesque means, communication and musical expression:

The scene is intended to expand the story, shed light on it, and elevate the presentation in an original theatrical language in a transparent space that is used in a new and poetic way. The contrasts become violent, from overwhelming to utterly simple and naked. The musical expression is brimming with intense vocal splendor, with original and challenging orchestral arrangements that create their own depth to the text. The music is heavy, intense and very engaging with top musicians and a surprising cast. We are fascinated by a young man’s search for himself, forged by a young man who, through his personal musical vision, gives us a new understanding of what musical theater can be. The experience is shocking and powerful, and the impression left by the performance lasts for a long time.

The other nominees are in this category our Dancing with destiny by Vidar Kvalshaug and Eli Stålhand, Dance with a Stranger, directed by Hanne Tømta (Teatret Vårt), magic flute Written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Emmanuel Schikaander, and directed by Simon McBurnie and Rachel Hewer (Bergen National Opera, Musikelskapet Harmonen and Edouard Gregg Koren).

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Audiovisual team i Romeo and JulieVideo director: Mads Sjøgård Pettersen (at mic), sound designer Erik Hedin, lighting designer Oscar Udbye, and camera operator Michaela Vyskocil Gettwert. (Photo: Skjalg Vold)

Best Audiovisual Design Award Mads Sjøgård went to Pettersen, Erik Hedin, Oscar Udbye and Michaela Vyskocil Gettwert to direct the video, sound design, lighting design and camera management for Romeo and Julie. The drama by William Shakespeare was staged at the National Theater at the Director’s Kjersty Horns version — which itself won the Hedda Award for Best Direction and the Honorary Award for Special Artistic Effort.

Referring to the audiovisual design as the subtle interplay of camera control, music, sound and light, the jury “brings the drama of love into our age of hyper-fantasy”, and continues:
It provides a framework in which the familiar text becomes new in the face of our time.” Lighting design opens up different and unexpected spaces in the film and on stage, and rhythms and synths provide a driving pulse that propels the ensemble forward relentlessly toward passion, desire, and death. The audiovisual approach leaves room for comedy. in tragedy.

The other nominees are in this category Frode Fjellheim and Per Sundin were for music and lighting design Relationships – Dalin Gill, Sound of Fire by Cecilia Persson, directed by Peter Oskarsson (Åarjelhsaemien Teatere / Sydsamisk teater and Tournéteatret in Trøndelag, in collaboration with Sámi Našunálateáhter Beaivváš / Det Samiske Nationalteatret Beaivváš), and Torkel Skjærven for lighting design Semper Adam By Mimi Tampa and Directed by Belinda Braza (Norwegian Theatre).

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The jury behind the Hedda Award 2023 They are Hilde Andersen, Anki Gerhardsen, Rania Brod, Eric Schoen, Maude Stenger, Tone Pernell Ostern, Andreas Veese and Grace Tapia Tinga.

Read about all of the award winners at Hada Award Sites.

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