Do you get angry when you are hungry? It is scientifically proven that the English term Hangry is real – NRK Trøndelag

Do you get angry when you are hungry?  It is scientifically proven that the English term Hangry is real – NRK Trøndelag

I can only speak for myself, but I would still expect more people to get to know themselves: Lunta would be too Much Shorter when hunger creeps in. Preferably those around me who notice it first…

A few years ago, Snickers had an ad that read “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.”

Now it may turn out that these people were really into something.

The researchers now believe they can show that feeling hungry is closely related to both anger and annoyance.

Many of us are aware that hunger can affect our feelings, but surprisingly there is very little research in this area. The Professor Viren Swami says:who led the study, said in a press release.

Thus, the English term “hangry” may actually be scientifically proven.

Hunger + feeling = right

The word “Hangry” is made up of two English words: angry (hungry) and hungry (hungry). The term has been in use for some time, especially among young people.

But the search for this was rather permissive. Until now.

To get to the bottom of the matter, the researchers recruited 64 adult participants from Europe. Everyone had to record their hunger levels and emotions over the 21 days.

They did this via a phone app five times in one day.

In this way, the researchers obtained data from the real life of the participants. Previously, similar studies were carried out only in laboratories.

And although the study is based on subjective answers, researchers still believe the link between hunger and anger is very present.


One who describes himself as one Person «Hangry», is Nora-Sophie Truehaug (24). She is a student and lives in Trondheim.

– I don’t click quite at an angle, but as blood sugar drops, the wick gets a little shorter. And I think others around me noticed this before I realized it myself.

She says that the feeling of heaviness in the head is present. The 24-year-old explains that I am also tired and emotional.

Nora-Sophie Truhaug describes herself as hungry.

It’s easy for emotions to take over when hunger strikes, says Nora-Sophie Truhaug.

Photo: private

Trohaug works as a janitor, and says the end of the workday can be a challenge if you eat lunch early.

But there is one episode in particular that you remember well:

– A new guy moved into the group I live in, and forgot to rinse the plastic waste before throwing it away. Then I knocked on his door crying to explain to him the importance of environmental protection, smiling.

After eating so little, she had to apologize in anger and say it was an overreaction.

– But I must stress that I am a very emotional person in general, says the student.

He may be “hungry” over time

Before the researchers’ conclusion, a number of reservations were made. They took into account, among other things, gender, weight, eating habits and personality. However, none of these factors affected the results.

Regardless of this, the results showed that hunger he is It is associated with a higher level of anger and irritability.

Based on the data, they were able to see that 37 percent of the participants associated feeling hungry with irritability. 34% felt angry. Fewer people were satisfied when hungry.

The researchers also found that negative emotions may be related to different eating patterns. And that you can be “hungry” several times a day, as well as for longer periods.

Although this study does not offer direct solutions on how to curb negative feelings of hunger, it may help people become aware of the problem. By recognizing emotions, it is easier to regulate them, says Viren Swami.

To know what is going on in one’s body

Actual fieldwork was carried out by Stefan Steiger. He is Professor of Psychology at Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences.

This effect has not been analyzed in detail before, so we chose a domain-based approach. This gives a more complete picture of how people experience emotional outcomes.

Previous studies have suggested that low blood sugar may have something to do with our tendency to fret a little. But so far no definitive conclusions have been found about the cause of hunger that leads to anger.

Researchers believe that knowing more about how these feelings develop can help us better deal with them.

Even if it’s just about getting to know what’s going on in your body.

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