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Alessia Russo

– It’s unreal. It shows at what level we are. We get goals against us, but we respond. The job is done and now the focus is on the semi-finals, says the great match champion Georgia Stanway in an interview shown on TV 2.

England swept through the group stage, winning the group by total pot and goal difference 14-0.

Against Spain, the English players got tougher.

For that, a somewhat controversial goal, extra innings and a dream goal had to be added to turn the tide of the match and finally reach the semi-finals with a 2-1 win at Brighton.

It was the target of Stanway’s dreams who were tongue in cheek. She did all the work herself and threw the ball into the goal from about 20 metres. The masses were sent to heaven and Spain failed to respond.

– Look at Stanway, then – the midfield general! Seagulls at other targets, exclaimed TV 2 commentator Endre Olav Osnes.

Strauss hails his future student

She is among the students to be led by former Bayern Munich coach Alexander Strauss. She is believed to have played a key role in Wednesday’s match.

– In my opinion, she is the most important player of the match, not only because of the result, but also because she shoots an incredible number of metres, as the last Bayern coach told NRK.

He is looking forward to her joining the big German club.

– Needless to say, I am very happy that she chose to come to us, and I look forward to working with her. In addition to being an accomplished player, she also has a personality that fits in well, Strauss believes.

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But in Spain, of course, the disappointment was great.

– I’m proud of the team because we played a good game. We deserved more, but that’s football. You don’t always get what you deserve. We have to learn from these matches, and we will come back stronger,” Aitana Punmati tells NRK after the match.

But Spain started better. Barely ten minutes into the second half, the Spaniards had to send an inhale across the field in Brighton.

It was Esther Gonzalez who sent the Spaniards to the front after a great game. Athena Di Castillo hit a beautiful tunnel on Dali and hit the ball with precision to Gonzalez. Real Madrid file put the ball easily in the far corner.

He got credit for pressing

England finally woke up, and the white shirts pressed hard to equalize.

And they had to count. To get a job, she hit Alicia Russo who was very strong in fencing. The ball was directed to Ella Ton, who directed the ball into the net.

The Spaniards were very unhappy after the goal, and thought that it should have been a free kick in the duel between Rosso and Paredes. The latter was put on for a while, and the second Spanish goalkeeper shouted a yellow card from the bench due to the incident.

– We think it was wrong because the attacker hit our defender’s head. But I don’t want to talk about things we can’t do anything about, says Ponmati.

Despair: The Spaniards were crushed after the match.

Photo: Bernadette Szabo/Reuters

Olga Carmona did not agree with the ruling. She was crying after the match.

– I think it’s a free kick for Paredes. I don’t know why the VAR didn’t take it. We will continue to work on recording in the future, Carmona tells NRK.

There were additional innings, and it didn’t take several minutes before England were seriously ahead again.

It was Georgia Stanway who did it all on his own and hit the ball into the net from about 20 metres. Thus, the host nation was in the lead once again.

Spain tried, but they failed to make a boiling hole again. Thus, stops in the quarter-finals of the Spaniards.

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