“Pølsa” Pettersen accused Northug of cheating on his podcast – then deleted it

“Pølsa” Pettersen accused Northug of cheating on his podcast – then deleted it

On the “Good Days” podcast, Pietersen made the accusations against his old national team teammate Peter Northug.

The topic of the podcast episode, which was released on Tuesday, March 19, was Sunday Birkin, where both Pølsa and Northug went.

– This may sound stupid to say, but he exaggerated the regulations at best. I think he cheats sometimes while skating, and it's unnecessary, says Pølsa about Northug.

Furthermore, he says he believes Northug used “disc bones,” an expression for sliding fish bones, which is not permitted in classic-style racing, as is the case with Birkin.

– I mean, he went to the “bone disc” a few times. I also heard rumors that it is not the first time. “I wouldn't worry about it, but the signal effect is not good in the least,” Petersen said.

A short time later, that portion of the podcast was deleted, while the rest of the episode was cut.

Old teammates: Øystein Pietersen and Peter Northug, here from the Vancouver Olympics 14 years ago.

Photo: Cornelius Pope/NTP

– to regret

NRK listened to the deleted recording, and also spoke to “Pølsa” Pettersen, who said the clip was deleted because he could not tolerate there being any dispute.

– Maybe it wasn't necessary for me to say that. “I regret mentioning that,” Petersen tells NRK on Tuesday evening.

He did not want to comment anything beyond that, but later added in a short text message:

-It's unprofessional for me to mention that on the podcast. That's why I cut it. But the situation stands, he says.

NRK has been in contact with Peter Northug, who viewed the deleted data. In an SMS he writes to NRK:

– you welcome in GANTELOPT April 13!

“Pølsa” Pettersen and Northug are old teammates who, among other things, won Olympic gold together in Vancouver in 2010.

Sausage and Northug

GOLDEN BOYS: Øystein Pietersen and Peter Northug show off their gold medals from the Vancouver Olympics.

Photo: Heiko Jung/NTB

NRK expert: – It happens

Simen Østensen, NRK's ​​long-distance expert, commented on the Birkebeinerren program on Sunday. He says he didn't see any photos from further out in the field, and therefore didn't see any of what Pølsa is talking about.

But in general, he says it's not uncommon to have skiing during a long race in classic style.

Simen Ostensen

Expert: Simen Ostensen.

Photo: Germund Medtbo/NRK

– It happens without a doubt, whether consciously or unconsciously. He is probably unconscious most of the time. The vast majority of them go to bare skis, and in many races you have to go on fish bones from time to time. He adds that there is not much to be done before the skis slip a little and there will be slipping fish bones, which is not allowed then.


-Among elite runners, this isn't done consciously, but if you're unfocused or nervous, it won't take long before it happens. And then there are probably those who extend flexibility when it comes to changing lanes, skiing, turning techniques, and things like that. You still see contestants receiving verbal warnings.

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